Last Line of Defense (or Trump Card)

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"it's a temporary investment"

And the rewards are beyond imagination, thanks Bob.

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I REALLY like this idea! A "Trump Card." Smashing! This is an oldie but goodie post ...

For some reason I perceive that things have become more difficult in the past few days. My resolve seems to be waning a bit.

It started with my 12 year old daughter saying "Mom, I think it's great that you have quit smoking but it has done nothing for your attitude." I was shocked and hurt I thought I was doing a tremendous job and that most of my "meanness" was being safely concealed within my own head. This left me feeling so sorry for myself that I instantly thought of running back to cigarettes. Even though I whole-heartedly quit for myself, my junkie mind told me that "I should just give this sham up this instant." After all, you quit for that "ingrate" and this is the thanks you get. Hrmph! I'll show her ... yadda-yadda-yadda ...

Then, I remembered an article or post that I read here about triggers and another one about people being insensitive to a recovering nicotine addict and saying things that they wouldn't say to a "cranky" chemo patient fighting for their survival. It was still a very difficult night, filled with those "smoking dreams" I have also read about here. It is two days later and I have managed to survive albeit, barely. I am still feeling a bit shaky but I realize that it will take time to feel better - just time NOT NICOTINE!

All of this is to say that, including this post about carrying a trump card (which I will create and print as soon as I finish my thoughts here) this site has been able to help me every step and at every stage of my quit so far. There are literally answers to every issue that you encounter along the way. And, "no matter what happens today; NO MATTER WHAT, I am not going to use nicotine" is always at the root of each message that you must embrace if you are going to be a successful quitter for "life."

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Debating with our junkie selves takes us in circles. Sometimes we need to just grit our teeth and get through the tough moments. Recognizing that the journey out of active addiction is not fun and games. It is hard, life-saving work that provides a huge pay-off.

No nicotine today. Not one puff. No matter what.

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Hi Bob,

A Sunnyvale, California native writing from CT. I'm glad you've made the quit. I"m 3 weeks in, and am loving it. I know exactly what you're going through. When those big bad craves hit, that's when I chant to myself...Never..Take...Another... Puff. It's really a wonderful thing to make the right choices when faced with craves and having a better hold on this beast of an addiction. Keep it up Bob! Keep the quit!!


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Thanks Juanita,

Actually, this post is a little dated, at over 2 years old. Image

The old-fashioned stubbornness that got me through this episode, coupled with a relentless willingness to confront each challenge with the truth about my addiction ultimately saw me through to the promised land, where it really is MUCH BETTER.

At 2 years and change, the challenges associated with quitting are a distant memory. Nowadays, as far as my quit goes, it's comfort, thankfulness that I did it, and a firm confidence... Confidence that comes from a solid understanding that my comfort is secure so long as I never take another puff... but lost if I do... so I never will. Simple as that.

Thanks again for the thoughts. I found that giving support here ended up being one of the most effective ways of supporting myself. If I could tell it to others with conviction, I couldn't disregard it myself.


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What an awesome post! Great example of mind over matter. You put it in a great perspective. Thanks

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-also, I do realize that this is very old. But that makes it almost better. I have read many of your posts but it helps to have you going through the same things us newbies are, and doing it so well.


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i am very appreciative of this thread. it is a great reminder that some days will be simply rotten, but they don't take away from the good days that i've had, and they can't destroy tomorrow either.
"the trump card" does work; i shouted "NO!" to myself when i was driving last week, as if i was telling the inner junkie to shut up 'cuz i wasn't giving into her. thanks for putting this into perspective bob.

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thanks for bringing it up ahnaka,its a real good one (thanx ImageBOB)

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Image I'm not going to smoke today. Image