Last Line of Defense (or Trump Card)

Subconscious use cue extinguishment
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19 Jan 2002, 07:46 #11

That's the one all right. Thanks Joel!

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19 Jan 2002, 08:45 #12

Hey OBob - I love the way you describe your triggers and the way you defeat them - please don't stop posting these messages it is really helping me!!

My latest trigger was an overheating Image car and the purchase of a new radiator yesterday - only to go out last night and find the car overheating again -very frustrating!! Image So it was back to the radiator guy today - and it's still not fixed! So I had to drive the car home again with the meter on hot again!!   Image and wait for the mechanic on Monday.

The point of this whole story is that all today I was thinking ... wow I'd really be smoking now!! Image It wasn't so much a crave - as I just couldn't stop thinking about smoking and how many cigarettes I would have had by now! Image

On the drive home I saw a motor bike rider sitting on the side of the road next to his bike - smoking a cigarette. He'd obviously stopped off on a long trip (we live in the country) to reward himself with a cigarette!Image
**trigger.trigger** Fantasy No## Mirigirl as as free and easy motorbike rider travelling all over the countryside - no worries -no responsibilities - just free to stop and have a cigarette now and then!??

I remember so many years after I stooped drinking I saw an advertising billboard of a young woman at a pub looking very groovey listening to music.  Fantasy no### mirigirl at a pub, drinking, having fun..... manageable..... until my next thought was "Who are you trying to kind mirigirl? You were never manageable, you were never together and groovey... you were always a drunk mess..."

Oh Dear.... obviously my fantasies have always fuelled my addictions. And that's exactly what they are FANTASIES -so totally out of touch from reality for me. Wow I need to wake myself up and get real about my life! I am so glad that I no longer live in that fantasy world. And today reality isn't really all that bad. Sorry to rave on so much but I guess I really needed to say and let go of all that. Today I like being nicotine-free.Image I may not be groovey anything, but at least I'm not playing russian roulette with my life.

So grateful today, that I haven't taken another puff. And it's real warm here so I'm off for a swim! It's good to be alive and free.

Thanks Freedom
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Beautiful! That really tickled the funny bone. A good laugh..... I'm still cracking up here..... I just have this image of the adventures of mirigirl, racing around the countryside in a convertable MG with a broken radiator, being pursued by a scores of alcohol and nicotine triggers in black sedans. Non-stop action. Kind of a mirigirl as James Bond (or maybe Austin Powers Image -- I can even here that flute music in the background as you screech past another groovy billboard).

Nothing like a good giggle to cap off another day without the smokes. Well played getting past all those nasties. Enjoy the swim -- you've earned it! (None for Obob today, as we're uncustomarily down in the minus range on the celsius tonight). And I hope you have better luck with your car tomorrow!

Cheers from your addict buddy.....1 Week 6 Days 12 Hours 50 Minutes 8 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 135. Money saved: $33.84(USD).

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I love this thread! Congrats to you OBob. You beat the trigger. But you know what else? You were so dedicated to your quit that you prepared for that moment when you wouldn't be ready. You got your trump card and put it in the critical place so it would save you in case of an unexpected crisis.

Congrats on your great victory!


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19 Jan 2002, 13:09 #15

Yes mirigirls post was really fabulous.

Obob ,
I really hear you when you talk about that taste in your mouth. You feel dry and edgy and you start to breath a little faster and you know its the time when your hand would be reaching for the lighter like a mindless slave...
I haven't experienced this for several weeks now but your post brought back the memory.
Don't waste your precious quit energy splitting hairs. Your fighting for your life! Be proud of every victory because NOTHING FEELS WORSE THAN RELAPSE!

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20 Jan 2002, 04:55 #16

Cheers Jessica and Knowbutts. 'nother smokefree day today (day 15). Went to the pub last night, the 4th time since I quit, and had maybe 2 thoughts, and no craves! The pub, at least, has been reconditioned. Image

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20 Jan 2002, 23:11 #17


Thank you for your post. I think the "taste in mouth" experience has hit home for many. I am the type of person who has to do the mental bantering back and forth and pull out a list of answers or rebuttles. You displayed an even more powerful rebuttle to your craves. The simple NO, just because. I also enjoyed how you just agreed with yourself to go ahead and be in a bad mood and not to like it! It is actually what I tell my son when I impose a limit he doesn't like. I say it is OK not to like this and to feel angry right now, but it is NOT OK to be inappropriate in your anger. Great job and thanks again for the encouraging post!


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Thanks, Bob! Another good post for this weekend!

Newbie buddies, if you're tempted, read this entire post and all the posts that are linked to it. One Day at a Time!

yqs, Janet Image

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Wow. I'm finding myself a little frustrated at the slow pace my quit is hitting now that the lip chewing, pillow pounding phase has subsided. I AM UNCOMFORTABLE - ARGGGHHH. This thread was just what I needed! I really look up to Bob & Mirigirl as towers of strength - peering in on their early struggles helps me so much in keeping the faith. Thanks for sharing!

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Dear OBob et. al,

I am so all over this post! I occasionally have that irrational voice utter, "you still may wretch this thing up ya know," and though I usually can answer back with a somewhat strained and sometimes whiny, "ya but this time it's different because of a, b, and c" there are times I'm too damned tired to keep up the fight. But now I've got this post, which I absolutely adore and that is on its way to the laminating department as we speak, (slight exaggeration), and I'm borrowing your trump card, just in case I hid a bad patch. I think of it as a security blank for a 38 year old. Maybe someday I'll return it, maybe not, but its darned nice to know its there, tucked away in my handbag.....

Wonderful! Thank you! Sammy (33 days, 12 hours, 46 minutes).