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I needed to hear this today. I had surgery a couple days ago. I am feeling better, and I think I almost wanted to celebrate that it was over with.
I have been 2 weeks, 1 day and thought the urges would be gone by now. Not so. I will hang in there.
I even had one between my fingers today and came very close to lighting it.

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BUT I Really could have just one or two!

What I'd like to say (in weaker moments):

Oh come on, Joel. I've read lots of places that cutting down would help my health tremendously. And quiting would be stressful and I don't need any more stress in my life. And besides I enjoy smoking. AND.....


You got this one nailed. I have cut down lots of times- and every time right back to where I was. Out of the hundreds of people I know that smoke, maybe thousands, I know of two or three, that managed to smoke only a few occasionally- and I don't know how long they managed or even why. Cutting down doesn't work. And nicotine makes me stupid. Only under the influence of nicotine (actively using or under the influence of distorted "fond memories") did I consider screwball ideas like:
  1. cutting down
  2. I enjoy smoking
  3. a little smoking wouldn't really hurt
  4. just this once
  5. etc., etc. & etc., blah, blah, blay, yada, yada, yada
Thanks, Joel. A steady diet of reading the materials here is a good antidote to the kind of thinking I can fall into.

I've been a grateful recovering smoker for One month, three days, 14 hours, 37 minutes and 35 seconds. 692 Little cigars not smoked, saving $172.84. Life saved: 2 days, 9 hours, 40 minutes.


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I'm with you BrokenKnees - I never cease to be amazed how hearing the truth - and accepting it - does actually set us Free!!
We are blessed to be here!
yqs mirigirl
another nicotne addict
free and healing
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Hi Joel:

My sister really believes that she is doing something good for herself by cutting down to 2 - 3 cigarettes a day and looks to me for approval. This I will not do. I know she is torturing herself and that she will end up back to smoking what she had been smoking before she cut down She tells me things like.... "Well you could quit and you were able to do it and I could not".. She doesnt realize the horrible withdrawals I went through in the process and how hard it was. She says that it's good that she can cut down the way she has which is her 2 - 3 cigarettes a day and she is very proud of her self. She says she can breath soo much better and that she feels much healthier... She says she doesn't smoke all day and has to have a few when she gets home at night to release the stress from the day.

Personally I did not start feeling healthier until just recently and I'm coming up to 3 months now. How could she really start feeling healthier now or is it in her mind.....I went through a process where I could not even breathe because I no longer had nicotine/poison opening up my lungs. So what is she talking about??? Maybe a phychological thing?

But I've come to the conclusion that it's either quit or nothing and you can not make somebody quit entirely if they don't want to. They do not want to go through that pain and suffering of withdrawal and are afraid if they try to quit than they will have to. This is something they are not willing to do......They are in total denyal.

To give up this horrible habit, you have to be ready to face the consequences. The consequences include years of abusing your body and your lungs and now you will have to find the strength to fight back... It isn't easy I will admit that. In fact, I will say personally that it was the hardest thing I have ever did in my life... But the rewards are starting to show now and I am stepping out of the dark and into the light of the new life that I have made for myself.....

2 - 3 Cigarettes are not worth your future and not worth the effort......


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Being a recovering alcholic for 15yrs this point is so important that they push it all the time.
So let me say that if a drunk can't have one drink what makes you think a nicotene addict can have just one smoke?
I have chosen not to smoke for 2 Months 2 Weeks 4 Days 7 Hours 1 Minute 42 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 4995. Money saved: $746.82.

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Thanks, Joel. Your articles on cold-turkey quitting are what made me finally give in and give up without any NRT's. The whole science of going thru withdrawals, made even more intense by cutting down, made so much sense to me. I got down to 6 a day, and it was worse than not smoking at all, because of the withdrawal - and I remember thinking, is this really helping? And if I can do 6 a day, why not quit altogether? My response to that little bit of insanity was, that to go cold turkey would mean I'd probably be in such excruciating withdrawal pain that I wouldn't be able to handle it. When in actuality, cutting back to 6 was the cause of my agony, not giving up nicotine.

Thanks so much for the constant reminder: Not One Puff!

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If there was one article that I needed to read the most, the one that slapped me in the face with the truth about my addiction, this was it! Oh, I didn't know it at the time, surely not. But this is the one that ticked me off immensely! And really, the things in this life that annoy us the most are the things that bring us a little too close to our own shortcomings. I don't know if I'd be here today, a comfortable ex-smoker, if I hadn't read that article several times.
Thanks Joel!
Not a puff for 7 1/2 months!
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If only we could help people understand that the actual withdrawals from cold turkey quitting are generally not as bad as what these "Just one or two" people are putting themselves through constantly. My husband is one of those people. Okay--some people have a harder time coping than others. But there's no denying that "cold turkey quit" withdrawals will end! And that is the only way that true comfort will come.

Stop the cycle and taste what real Freedom is!

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Thanks, Joel, for bringing this up today.

Joe, thanks for making me look up another word. I was surprised to find this definition (okay, for the verb, admittedly ) as well :
"to separate or distinguish (valuable from worthless parts) (sometimes fol. by out): to winnow falsehood from truth."
In that case: if you are reading this and you are not nicotine free yet, keep winnowing and find all the true facts about Nicotine Addiction 101 in Joel's Library or on WhyQuit.Com and hopefully you will join us soon in saying
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Not Much of a Smoker ties in with this Joel classic.

see also - Quitting by gradual withdrawal

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Just one little puff?
The one puff files
Yep. that's all it takes. I've watched it happen to a close friend who had quit last July and took a drag from a cigarette on New Years Eve. She's back in the garage, shivering in the cold and hating each and every puff she now must take to maintain her addiction. There's no guarantee you will quit again. Stay nicotine clean, This is a lot easier than it looks.
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No nicotine today.

Keep healing.

Keep educating yourself about this addiction that maims, tortures and kills us and our loved ones.

You are healing! Your brain is adjusting and re-wiring itself. Let the healing continue.

It gets better and better!

Gold x 6

The One Puff Files
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