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Hi Joann,
You hit it on the head again! Yesterday I was a t a swap meat with a bunch of people who smoked and on the way home I wanted just one real bad,Well I keeped saying to my self not know,Not one ! Not a stinking puff.It was hard but it worked.Again I would like to thank all of you at freedom for all the help. I could't do it with out you.One month, six days, 1 minute and 40 seconds. 740 cigarettes not smoked, saving $148.00. Life saved: 2 days, 13 hours, 40 minutes.

Thanks again
Live long and prospe

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Image Thank you Thank you Thank you.Image I couldn't post all weekend, screwed up my computer and boy was I having a hard time. I was junkie thinking on Saturday evening all through Sunday and had a horrible dream last night that I smoked and sat there counting how many. Woke up this morning really unhappy and upset. I can always count on coming here and getting the kick I need. I really have to get my computer up and running, it's hard on the weekends with no Freedom to go too. I have been Quit for: 1M 3W 1D 14h 47m 10s. I have NOT smoked 1608, for a savings of $241.27. Life Saved: 5D 14h. YQS Cathy

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Found these on another Junky Thinking thread...


RESPONSE: Smoking is an "activity" or "something to do" only for
smokers. I'm really not "doing" anything when I smoke except still
sitting/standing there. The rest of the world survives occasional
boredom quite well without inhaling life-challenging chemicals.

JUNKIE THINKING: "But they've been smoking on TV and in the movies for
years! There are even magazines devoted to tobacco products!

RESPONSE: "That's right. They were on TV for years, I wasn't. I'm still
alive; many of them aren't and they departed this vale of tears in
prolonged and painful ways. And the smiling faces in the magazines now
are risking painful and disfiguring surgery later, at which point they
won't be smiling at all."

JUNKIE THINKING: "Its so nice to go out for a 'breath of fresh air' and
a cigarette."

RESPONSE: "Fresh air? I've got to be kidding. And face it, sunny days
are one thing, but how many days do I huddle out in the rain with the
rain hitting the cigarette and turning the cigarette paper that
disgusting yellow color? How many times is it windy and it takes forever
to keep a match or lighter lit long enough to light the cigarette, and
then how often does a gust of wind come up and blow the ashes into my
eyes? And when its icy outside, freezing my face off is bad enough, but
when it defrosts, there's this bizarre yellow condensation around my
nostrils. Now THAT'S attractive."

JUNKIE THINKING: "Smoking makes work go faster."

RESPONSE: "Most jobs where you work indoors are in companies which ban
smoking in the workplace. Some companies won't hire me if I smoke. And everytime I stop for a smoke it actually prolongs my work, since I'm not busy accomplishing it."

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Hey OBob!

Great thread... I needed that.

Nice to see you up and around again. I hope your cold is better.

3 weeks TODAY!

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Hope you don't mind me pasting your inner debate here. Good stuff.... Image

IJ: Listen to that wheeze--I never wheezed this badly when I was smoking...
ME: Yes, I did. And when I smoked, I was constantly using bronchodilators helpfully supplied by the tobacco companies...
IJ: Um. Yeah. I forgot about that....

Being Honest About Our Addiction
There is no legitimate reason to relapse

IJ: Man, with all these coughs, sniffles, and sneezes, I can't smell anything, taste much, or breathe properly. Might as well be smoking...
ME: Yeah? And the coughs, sniffles, and sneezes will feel better with tobacco smoke added?
IJ. Er. Well...maybe not....

Is it true that everything smells and tastes better when you quit smoking?
What did you love about smoking?

IJ: God, I'm under so much stress right now...if I could have just one cigarette, I'd feel so much better.
ME: Maybe, but the next 25 will be really expensive. And once the habit's reestablished, you'll be spending $150.00 a month you don't have.
IJ: Oh. Never mind.

Fixating on a cigarette.
The One Puff Files