Is Relapse a Natural Part of the Addiction Process?

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ImageThanks again Joel !ImageThat's why your the MAN!!!ImagecandoOne month, one day, 15 hours, 4 minutes and 46 seconds. 474 cigarettes not smoked, saving $94.88. Life saved: 1 day, 15 hours, 30 minutes.

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I just celebrated my first Christmas in 29 years without a cigarette. How did it feel? GREAT. This was the first year I did not HAVE to tell my kids to wait until I had had my coffee and cigarette to open presents, or have to excuse myself after the family dinner to go outside for a smoke or worse yet, during my closet smoker years, take that walk around the block and pray that no one wanted to come along.

Relapse is not acceptable. I needed to know that when I came here and believe it or not, even though I still sometimes fantisize about smoking again when I turn 70, I know in my heart I will NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF because Joel and John said

Happy Holidays everyone, and to all a good night...

Liz aka threecrows, clean for almost 6 months (no patch could do that for you!)

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There is no middle ground.
We only have two choices.
1. Take a puff of nicotine and relapse
2. Continue to heal

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Image One of our newer members wrote about us all being human and almost inferred there can be slips. He is right on one count--we are all human--and one of the things that go with being human is that we are mortal. That is the concept that every ex-smoker had better hang on to, our mortality.

A RELAPSE is not a slip. A slip though is a RELAPSE! A relapse is a loss of a quit. It means a person either has to "try" to quit again or go back to smoking until it cripples or kills them. These are both lousy options but one is sure a whole lot worse than the other.

Again, our message here at Freedom is now, has always been, and always will be--DON'T RELAPSE! You must throw certain words or concepts out of your vocabulary when it comes to addiction. Just, only, puff, accident, sneak, boo-boo, lapse of judgment, mistake, blunder, slip or any other similar meaning word trivializes the real issue here--you are a drug addict and readministering nicotine is a DRUG RELAPSE!

Relapses will only occur if you minimize the implication of relapse. Stay focused on the ONLY way to succeed at being nicotine free is to never take another puff!


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For my Freedom
I Never Take Another Puff!
yqs mirigirl
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I agree that relapse is not an option. I am a junkie, if I ever smoke again I will not quit. I feel this is true. I do not wish to die. I tried quitting smoking once long ago when I was younger. I had no ill health, also no support. My quit failed, it is now ten years later. I now have heath issues and if I wish to have any chance at a fairly normal life I must consider myself an ex-smoker! I cannot go back to smoking and say to myself, theres always tomorrow! I messed up but I'll quit again.! If anyone reads this who is considering quitting, please do it now . Don't let failing health make the decision for you. I'm so angry with myself for not following through the first time I quit. I would be so much better off today! And this time I am armed with so much information and I have so much help I know I will make it one day at a time.

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Hello Marie Ree:

I never say smoking or relapsing is not an option. I have whole strings addressing this issue. Below is one of them and some excerpts from it. Smoking is an option--just not one that should ever be pursued by anyone wanting health or a quality life. Just wanted to clarify this all important point. The option for all is to relapse and face all the consequences associated with smoking or to stay free by always remembering to never take another puff!


Smoking IS an Option

For anyone working under the false perception that smoking is not an option. Smoking is an option, just not an option that anyone would want if they considered the full ramifications of all the problems that go with smoking. It is an option that will make you slave to a drug, smell awful, be a social outcast in many circles, cause many people to question your overall intelligence, will rob you of your money, your health and eventually your life. To pursue the other option of staying smoke free is as simple as always remembering to never take another puff!


Ex-smokers do always have the option to take a cigarette.
But there are only two legitimate reasons for taking a cigarette or a puff now.
1) You want to go back to full-fledged smoking until it cripples and kills you.
2) You enjoy withdrawal so much you never want it to end.
If this is the case just take one puff every third day,
withdrawal will last forever
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Image For Lydia:

I am so happy to be bringing this up to help an individual prevent a prelapse as opposed to bringing it up to point out that his or her relapse was entirely avoidable.

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From: Joel.             Sent: 7/2/2001 7:51 PM
 Image With many medical professionals scanning our site I thought this would be one of particular value to emphasize. Relapse is a state that should be avoided at all costs. Messages like "don't let a slip put you back to smoking" is all but assuring that recovering addicts are going to think that "slipping" is acceptable. A slip is a relapse and a relapse hold potentially deadly consequences. So don't give the message of not to let a slip put you back to smoking, rather deliver the message that to stay free from smoking, don't slip. In other words to stay free always remember to never take another puff!

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From: Joel.                 Sent: 12/26/2001 5:52 AM
Is it natural to lose a quit around the holidays? No it is not! People lost quits around the holidays for unnatural reasons--they put a burning weed in their mouth and light it. What can be more unnatural a behavior than that?

You will never be watching a National Geographic special showing monkeys, gorillas or any other primate in the midst of a burning jungle or forest,running to the edge of the flames with rolled up tobacco in order to inhale the smoke to calm their nerves from the destruction of their habitat.

Only a human would stand outside watching their home burn from a fire that they may have caused from a cigarette and think to himself or herself how much he or she needs a cigarette now to calm his or her nerves.

Smoking is unnatural, and relapsing around a holiday too. Relapsing is an unnatural act that will never happen as long as you always remember that you were born a non-smoker with the inherent knowledge that inhaling smoke is bad for your survival, and can be that way again and stay that way again as long as you always know to never take another puff!

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