Is it true that everything smells and tastes better when you quit smoking?

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Image I see a few of our members are becoming quite aware of the stench that goes along with being a smoker. To avoid ever having to smell like that again always remember to never take another puff!


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One of the reasons (A marjor one for me) I quit was to stop stinking like overfilled ashtrays. My skin, hair, clothes, car and house all smelled like heavy smoking had been going on, because it had been.Oh, I forgot to list my breath must have been terrible. I used alot of Scope and mints to try hiding it. And, I knew all along that they didn't help.

Now I am wanting to be around smokers to remind me how bad it is. But since I have quit for over a month, I don't know smokers and don't even see many. At the country club, the men's grill smells like smoke and I find it hard to breathe in that room.

I now smell, look and taste good according to my wife and I do believe her. Thanks for this post. jeryImage

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I started noticing how bad smokers smelled about 6 months before I quit; this was one of my motivations to stop.

On the first day of school (day 17) I was sitting at a desk FAR from the door a few minutes before the class started. Suddenly my nostrils filled with that smell. I turned around; my old smoking buddy had just walked in the door.
It shames me to think that I was that pungent, for that long.

And I've been buying jasmine oil and dried papay and things lately because it's so much fun to enjoy the full power of my senses.

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It's almost like we've been living in a Matrix all along Image

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I used to light candles in every room of the house. It seemed like I could never smell them unless I had tons of them goimg. Funny thing. Last night laying in bed, I could smell the one next to the bed. It was not even lit.


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when I was in my 20's my friends used to say "Janet can smell boiling water" and in a way it's true because the heated metal of the pan has a smell. I started noticing changes in my early 30's. By last year I was starting to say "what smell?" a lot. Yesterday I was so startled at the intensity of some of the things that I smelled that i thought it was all coming from me! It took a while to figure out what was happening.


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OH....Now I get it!!! This explains why my wife smells so much worse now after she smokes than she smelled before I quit tobacco. I would have never guessed!! Thanks Joel


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Even before I quit smoking, my sense of smell was better than that of most other people I know. Now that I have quit, the smells of the world around me are to the point of being almost overwhelming. Very distracting, for the most part too intense to be enjoyable... Downright nauseating on a regular basis...

To a lesser extent, I am noticing this with the taste of things, also. That the taste of things is too intense to be enjoyable...

Mostly it's smells that are bothering me. Is this something that I will probably eventually get used to? Any suggestions on how to make it more tolerable in the mean time? I feel like I am being bombarded with smells... Assaulted by them...

I know it is absurd to be thinking about how the smells and tastes would be more manageable if I went back to smoking. Absurd, yes, but then, my junky thinking always is... That does seem like a new level of absurdity for me, though, to be telling myself that I should start smoking again so that I wouldn't be overwhelmed by the smells and tastes of things.

I would rather be overwhelmed by the smells around me than overwhelmed by being the slave to my addiction. But if there were ways to deal with the overpowering smells and tastes, I'd sure like to know!



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Image I see some of our members are starting to recognize the benefit of the more accurate sense of smell in their first springtimes as ex-smokers.