"Is anyone else experiencing the symptom of .........?


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"Is anyone else experiencing
the symptom of .............?"

Every now and then a person will experience a specific symptom and put up a post asking whether or not the symptom is one that is normally experienced by people who have stopped smoking or ended use of other forms of nicotine delivery, and if others here had experienced the same symptom when they quit. As far as if a specific symptom is one that "can" occur after cessation, we have two threads that when combined are prettty inclusive of symptoms: Physical Recovery and Emotional Recovery.

As far as whether or not another member or numerous members experienced the same symptom, it does not really make a difference if they had or had not. It is like someone writing and saying that he or she is having a tingling sensation in his or her arm and wondering if anyone else experienced the same symptom when they quit. Then a person who had slept on his or her arm one night when quitting smoking and woke up with that particular arm tingling writes back and says that sure enough, he or she had a tingling arm the week he or she had quit. Now the recent quitter feels a sense of relief because he or she has seen that one other person had the same symptom. So the person does nothing.

The problem was that the person who wrote the question was not having tingling from having slept on his or her arm, but rather, was experiencing a symptom of a heart attack that he was now ignoring. This person's in-action could result in a fatal mistake of not seeking immediate medical attention.

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Giving and getting medical advice online, Possible Withdrawal Symptoms, and Life goes on without smoking. If you have a concern of a symptom that you are experiencing consult your personal doctor. We say it often here, that the only medical advice that we can give is that to reduce your risk of a host of illnesses and conditions is to stick to your commitment to never use nicotine again!


Note: Joel's original post at FFT was dated 4/18/04 and addressed smoking. The above version has been modified to speak to all forms of nicotine delivery.
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