Inhaling smoke on my BRONZE aniversary

Inhaling smoke on my BRONZE aniversary

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25 Jun 2002, 00:30 #1

I just returned home after spending a week in Walker California fighting fires. It was sometime on the first day out there that I realized ImageI had been 3 months without a smokeImage!! I think it was when we were finally released for dinner, and I noticed the few people who were smoking looking so anxious to get that pack out of their pockets even after being in extremely smoky conditions for twelve or more hours! I remember actually telling someone (a long time ago) that the best time for a smoke was after a really smoky fire.... I don't know where the logic is in that, but I guess the reality is that a fire usually keeps an addict away from their drug longer than normal conditions would have.

This was my first extended fire situation where I did not smoke, and while I am extremely grateful, it was a VERY big trigger because of all the down time that would have usually been spent smoking my boredom awayImage!

I remember a story I heard when I was in my first year of fighting fires. A firefighter died as he was leaving a fire line because of dangerous conditions. He had dropped his cigarettes, and returned to the fire line to get them. The fire rolled right over himImage. I always told myself I would never be so silly and risk my life for cigarettes... But smoking for 10 years is doing exactly that!

I went for a bike ride yesterday when I got home, and I was hacking and coughing all the wayImage... This is when I realized it had been months since I have hacked and coughed while exercizingImage! I have been waking up with a slightly sore throat and feel a bit congested also, and I can really appreciate it now, because I know it will be gone in a few days and will not return until the next time I submerge myself in smoke... which will only happen while fighting fires!

Freedom is AwesomeImage! Glad to be home and Nicotine free if not smoke free....

Three months, one week, two days, 9 hours, 16 minutes and 20 seconds. 1013 cigarettes not smoked, saving $65.87. Life saved: 3 days, 12 hours, 25 minutes.

P.S. Please send your thoughts and prayers to the families of the three pilots who lost their lives fighting the fire in Walker California... Their skill and bravery were awesome to witness...

Also to the water tender driver who may never walk again...

This was one horrible fire! Image

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25 Jun 2002, 01:06 #2

What a story Rachel! I can remember taking the same risks for my pack o smokes! We were new to TX and it's weather patterns, well a nasty, tornadic thunderstorm was heading for our town. My husband and I grabbed the kids and our smokes and headed for shelter. The kids and smokes! No flashlights, batteries, food, heck the kids didn't even have shoes on! I look back now and think "jeez, did we actually TAKE the kids or did they just follow the smokes"?!?!?! (Well, that emabarassing story is now on my top 10 list of reasons why I quit!

By the way, Firefighters are ALWAYS in my prayers! They are truly Angels of God fighting the fires of ****! You should be very proud of yourself! You are a firefighter AND you don't smoke!!ImageImage

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25 Jun 2002, 01:47 #3

Image Congratulations on turning Bronze at a very trying time. And God Bless you for what you do. Image Cathy ~ GOLD CLUB Image

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25 Jun 2002, 01:48 #4

Image Congratulations on your bronze milestone! A wonderful achievement under stress! Be proud of yourself, walk tall, breathe deep, celebrate your victory!



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25 Jun 2002, 02:07 #5

Hey Rachel..... great to hear from you.... and what a story..... I salute you and all like you...

Since you're only a day or so younger than me in your quit... I was looking out for your "bronze" post - but it never came... until now..... Phew !!! I was gettin' a little worried....

Anyway.... many congratulations !!!!!

(are your relatives still talking to you Image)

-richard (3 months, 1 week, 4 days)

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25 Jun 2002, 02:23 #6

Congratulations on both counts Rachel, what you do is fantastic ,and yes my prayers will be for those who lost their lives and the one who may never walk, it is so tragic, but I am proud to know someone brave enough to even be in that situation, you deserve a medal. Now speaking of medals, I hope this one will do for now,
Well done that even in the face of so much danger and stress you kept your quit, Oh I am so very proud to know you.
Take care
Love Naymor xxxx

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25 Jun 2002, 04:29 #7

Rachel! Congratulatons on both counts!

Bronze is fantastic! Its so good to hear from you....we all just assume that there's another casulty when someone doesn't show up.

But you're a smoke eater! Thats incridible! (No its not, its just real great. Women can be firefighters too.....)

You are sure that those were nicotine-free ponderosa pines, aren't you?

Welcome back!

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Image Congratulations Nevada Gal!!!

You're post is really inspiring for us newbies....thank you for sharing with us.
It sure sounds to me that you are doing great!!!
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25 Jun 2002, 05:43 #9

Congratulation Rachel on Bronze! I'm curious, isn't there something that they provide you so that you're not breathing in so much ash and smoke? I sure hope so. I hate the thought of your lungs being punished after all they've been through already. Thank you soooo much for what you do. It's very dangerous work. YQB John - Freedom's Gold Club

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25 Jun 2002, 05:50 #10

Hello Rachel:

I meant to attach these two posts here earlier. I brought them up and ran out the door. Anyway, both are about smoking and fire risks.
"I'm safe from smoking related problems by my genetic makeup." 14 0 Joel. 6/24/2002 12:43 PM
No more worry about fires from smoking ! 5 0 John (Gold) 6/24/2002 12:42 PM

By the way, as a fire fighter you are likely exposed to smoke and ash and lots of particulate matter--but keep in mind, your cilia functions as an ex-smoker where it was likely impaired or destroyed while you were smoking. Basically you have a more efficient first line of defense affording your lungs some protection from such pollutants that you had when smoking. Another reason why as a fire fighter, and as a human being who values her own health and her own life you should always choose to never take another puff!