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"We do have lots and lots of members who have had multiple quits in their past. But the truth be known, we don't have lots and lots of members who have multiple quits since first joining Freedom. We have a handful but the majority of our membership really works at getting learning as much as they can when having first joined and have really committed to giving a 100 percent commitment to making this quit stick--treating their quits as if their lives depend on it. For in fact the health and life of all of our members do depend on."

"Relapsing is a commitment to smoke and forever forgo participating at Freedom again. Harsh you may say. Well yes it is, but it is because you have to be harsh with yourself if you are going to keep on top of this addiction. Give cigarettes and inch and they will take your life. If you want to stay smoke free always remember why you first committed and are still committed to never take another puff!"
I realize we need a clarification here. The handful of members referred to are ones who had joined up and relapsed before we had our relapse policy in place, but have managed to stay quit since the policy was introduced. There are not many of these people still around but there are probably a few.

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ImageImageImageImageImage Exactly!! Thank you Joel, you really are an amazing person!! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Please know you have a lot of soldiers out here, carrying on your messages and education!!

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