If you are new here today or struggling...meet our Beccy : )

S Sweet
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16 Mar 2001, 23:58 #11

i am so happy that i have been able to help a few see the light at the end of the tunnel.. i would love to hear from everyone else that has positive things to add too!!!! thank you so much joanne!

Keilit (Gold )
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10 May 2001, 02:50 #12

Image Joanne and Beccy,
Thank you, Joanne for bringing this up to where I could find it.
Beccy, thank you for showing me some of what I can look forward to!Image
I'm printing it out, to help me remember why I quit. Thanks!!

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10 May 2001, 15:00 #13

Thank YOU Joanne You absolute LOVE
Thanks Beccy - that's what FREEDOM's all about hey ?!!!
Love Hugs and Big Red Healthy Heart Beats to you - Duncan XOXOXOXOXOXOX

Sewquilts (GOLD)
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11 May 2001, 03:45 #14

Beccy...Thank-you so much for the inspiration....how wonderful of you to motivate all of us...Can't wait until I feel like you do....and I'm glad to know that someday soon I'll be there feeling the same...THANKS!!!
Your Quit Friend,

S Sweet
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11 May 2001, 03:53 #15

omg lol i forgot all about this thread! wow, i am so glad that it is still able to motivate and encouage others! here i am at 7 months and counting and life has never been better.

the other nite i was informed of a rather frustrating thing... i was told that the next step in my divorce was going to cost me yet another $200+ ! I was sooo ticked when i heard it and the very first thing i thought was this.. "GRRRR i better take some deep breaths and drink some herbal tea". a few hours later i realized that i hadnt even considered smoking as an option!!!!! not only did i not consider it as an option.. i didnt even consider staying mad or anything else. all of that i have learned here at freedom. ITS SO AWESOME! lol

trust me when i say that your worse moment as an ex smoker is still better than any good moment as a smoker!

Heike (silver)
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11 May 2001, 05:42 #16


thanks so much for mentioning your divorce. Only when I read this did I remember that I am actually in the same position as you, and like you I had not associated divorce stress with lighting up. I just try to get on with it most of the time. One day we'll be divorced and twice as free: free from ex-husbands and free from nicotine Image

YQS Heike

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