I Want "Something"

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Thanks for bringing these posts up again. I hadn't read them before and they certainly hit the nail on the head for me. They express so articulately what I have been feeling in the last few days of a 14 day quit. A lightbulb when off when I read them. Each day I learn more and more at this site and because of this education I know this quit is different from others I have had. Brenda

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I SOOO needed to see this tonight! I have been feeling this for the last several days and finally recognize it. Having also recovered from drug and alcohol abuse, I've been here before but it's been many years since those first days of getting straight and I've forgotten how that felt.

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I agree. This weekend I had that 'I want something' feel and after some analysis, realized it was 'boredom'. I wasn't fighting the craving. I wasn't hungry. I was bored. I came to the realization that quitting doesn't solve all our problems and it probably masked many of our problems and now it's time to face them without the 'smoke screen' (pardon the pun).

I think perhaps it's time to think outside the box - the box of a smoker - and realize that the world has opened up almost 80% more than it was before we quit. There are now that many more people we can become intimate and friendly with because we don't smoke. There are that many more places we can go to because we don't smoke. And we can do things that take more than an hour because we don't need to think about getting a fix all the time. I think I'm just starting to peek out from my bunker - after 17 days of quitting - and finally realizing that I'm never going back - that I have changed now. That I am a non smoker.

I think that there are a zillion things that we will need to re-cover which were taken by nicotine but it is a journey of discovery - an adventure - and a blessing.

One day at a time, and never take another puff - that's the way to go.

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I have not seen this post before but it describes my feelings exactly. I want something. But what?


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Wow am I glad I found this string. I have only been nicotine free for 21 days, 4 hours now but, I have been really feeling all out of sorts, or needing something for about a week now.
For the last 34 or so years I have had cig.'s to fill my time, they were always there for me. When I was bored, lonely, sad, happy, needing a break, whatever I was, they were with me. My life totally revolved around being able to smoke. So there were many things that I never did because I may not be able to smoke at my regulated time! Now that I am smoke free, I feel as tho there is something missing in my life. I don't feel the need to smoke, I just have a somewhat empty feeling.

This statement from Dave really helped. I think that I'm one of those people that need to make that concerted effort to find new interests.
'I think for many of us, this may be the biggest challenge of our quits, how to fill the void left by smoking. Obviously it can be done, look at John, Joanne, Marty, Grumps, et al, they did it. For some it may be an unconsious process where they naturally gravitate to new and different interests to fill the time. For others , we may have to make a concerted effort to re-mold our lives into something different. Maybe all we need is a hobby!!'

I have been reading thru this whole string I would strongly suggest it to anyone that is feeling kind of lost.
A girl I work with has tried quitting many times over the last few years. She always says that the first couple of weeks are easy, it is the 3rd and 4th that always kill her. She usually starts back smoking after about a month because she is so miserable. I sent her a link to this string. I wonder if what she has always been feeling is the 'I need something' and assumed it was a smoke that she needed? She says that she wants to give it another shot. I hope that she will take my advice and do some 'Lurking' in here before she tries again. I think that by eduacating myself prior to quitting made all the difference in the world for me. I was amazed how much easier it was this time. I know that I haven't been smoke free for months or years, I'm not even Green yet but I still love the new me. I'm so proud of myself for doing this.

I'm still taking it one day at a time and will Never Take Another Puff!

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Wow, that is exactly what I've been experiencing. Great read!

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I'm glad I found this string of posts. This afternoon and tonight I have felt like I am missing something and it would be great to have a smoke right now, and I get my mind off it and then a little later its the same thought. Just really glad I found all these posts, there so good and helpful.
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I am so glad to see this bumped up. I have also been having the "I want somethings" off and on for several days. The weather is starting to get nice here so maybe some sunshine will do the trick.

It also helps to see that others are having these thoughts around the same point in their quits and I am not alone or crazy :)


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This string speaks to me a lot. As a young child I apparently went around saying "I want something" while seeming to fret and wring my hands. (Sounds pathetic I know). Well, as it turns out, my mother smoked throughout all of her pregnancies. I happened to be born late, well into the 10 month. Imagine how much noctine I ingested before birth! I was born "wanting something". Imagine how many of us smokers are probably born addicts due to our mothers' smoking habit. (I was born in the 60s; it was still hip for mothers' to smoke while you were expecting a child). When I found cigarettes it was like "ahhh.. I think I've found what I was looking for". It makes me really mad to think that my whole life, since birth, I have been a nicotine addict. I have often wondered how many quitters out there are also dealing with a life-long want for something....Image


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Some early 'navel gazing' by Dave. Image