I Want "Something"

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07 Apr 2004, 02:17 #41

This is interesting as I just popped in here to see if there was anything written about the whole "wanting" something thing. It's been 9 months and STILL sometimes i get the feeling. Except now instead of longing for that cigarette, i usually open the fridge door and stare at it. Image

I never end up eating anything.usually just get a lemon for my water (which is a good habit i picked up from this journey). Still though, it's strange how sometimes that feeling comes back. But now it's not affiated with smoking, just life.

Thanks for the article!

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I completely understand that "wanting something" - It's like a feeling of being unsatisfied but you don't know what will satisfy it. Image

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There's one billion comfortable ex-smokers out there, HockyMa, and almost all will tell you the same thing - the key to satisfying that "something" is patience in returning home to "you!"
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This is a great post....seem like a good time to bring it to the front again.Image
I can't speak for every newbie, but as for myself I have felt this lost feeling everyday at one time or another... I've stood looking threw the kitchen cabinets, refrig, channel surfing, thinking to myself...I'm looking for something what in the world is it? I believe there is no one right answer, I'm just trying to fill that spot smoking use to fill.....SOC SILVER:MESSAGE #26 makes good sense to me. If you have the time, read threw these.
Thanks Dave!
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This is an important one to read if you are feeling troubled by that nagging something-is-missing feeling. We all felt it. We got through it. You will too. Comfort will come. I promise.

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..............i go through this same thing. i get up and stand there, anywhere, and think what do i want. it's not a cig.

smokers/and those who never smoked didn't understand me. i am glad i passed this way and read this post.

i printed a copy to show one person in paticular, that it is not just me, but something real happening in me. thanks.

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Wow. Great post. I have that feeling also, and I sometimes ask myself, do people who have never smoked feel this way? what do people who have never smoked do when they're tired or bored or just want to do nothing for a few minutes? Will this feeling eventually go away for me? I know it's gotten better over the weeks, but will I always feel this way?

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15 Oct 2004, 07:14 #48

I was just feeling this way tonight when I finished dinner. I needed "something". I did not want to smoke but I just needed "something". It is so nice to hear that other people understand what that means. So I got up from the table and came to the computer. I saw this thread and started reading. It filled that void. Thank you all so much. Now I can go back and clean up the dishes without needing to obsess.

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Hello Everyone,
I am just taking my time to reply about hillbilly's post. I am on my 6th day quit and I just have to say that I thought that I was in control, I thought I had this thing licked, but I was way wrong if I thought I could beat this just like that. Last night I was seriously considering going out and buying a pack of cigarettes but I logged on here and read some post from all of you and realized how strong everyone s in here. I can be that strong. I am only 19 years old, and if I started back now where would that really lead? I know exactly where. I would go back to smoking, probably a little at first to prove I am in control, and I would probably end up smoking more than I ever did before, and I would spend the rest of my life trying to quit, one stupid habit. I truly wish that I never picked up a cigarette in my life, but I did and now I must live with that fact. I actually rolled up paper last night and pretended to be smoking, but I really want to get rid of the memories andthe thought of smoking. The point that I am trying to make is, Yes I want something, I want to know when this feeling of wanting a cigarette is going to end....does it ever end. I cant stand the thought of thinking about cigarettes for the rest of my life...Please help me...Im going crazy. Sorry to have taken up all of your time...Good Luck Everyone

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Trisha, there are lots of people that tell us these symptoms will end and that it gets easier. You are asking if the wanting will never end - it will if you stay off of them. How long? For me, day 1 was the hardest and then 2 and then 3. I remember at day 6 that it was more frustrating than at 2 weeks and 4 weeks is easier than at 2 weeks and so on. Its getting better all the time. I quit thinking about running out and getting the cigarettes at around week 3, not that I would have but I thought about it - after all I was a junkie and I'm still addicted.
Tomorrow is 6 weeks into my quit and I just thought that today I did not want a cigarette all day long. That's a first. 32 years of them makes for a long habit, so I feel good that I may be getting past wanting them.

After some weeks or months you may not have an urge to smoke for days at all. It depends on the person and how long you smoked and triggers and what you have decided to do.

The danger, as we are told, is when you think that you are safe enough that you can take just a puff or bum a cigarette just this once. Remember NTAP!

Trisha, you will do fine. Keep your mind on why you wanted to quit because that reason won't change. Take it one day at a time and look at the craves hard and think how they are bothersome now but they will be gone and your lungs can work on being clean and healthy. You are strong and will win!!!

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