I Want "Something"

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Hi this is something I also have had to deal with the wanting something but what do I want ? I know it is not now a smoke I now have an apple or an orange or bannana but six weeks ago I was heading for the sweetest things I could and guess what the kilos have gone on. But I am now able to deal with my eating and I am now watching what I am eating I could not have done this six weeks ago I was having a hard enough time hanging onto my quit without worrying about my weight gain but I am strong enough now to cope with both which I think is just fantastic I have been nicotine free for 2 months 3 weeks 18 hours and sooooo proud of myself

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Oh, MareBear, that was lovely. You captured it. Thanks!

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Thanks TJ,

This is exactly what I wanted to describe. I'm sending this back up because I think there are a lot of newbies like me who might be feeling the same way. Thanks.


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During the past ten days I have had so much time in the evenings and weekends that I have started reading. Reading is something that I never really enjoyed before. So far I have read:
Happiness it is a choice-A guide to depression
The Sky is falling By Sidney Sheldon
I am currently half way thru the New Testament of the Bible
Currently reading The Purpose Drive Life- A forty journey to happiness.
Currently reading- To Kill A Mocking Bird

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Thank you for this thread - been having that missing something feeling but do not want a cig. I usually go outside (not too cold here) and take a big breath of fresh air.

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I just discovered this thread, and it's wonderful! I couldn't quite get that "wanting something" into words, but this adds a lot of insight for the newbie. I wish I had "realized" this about 4 lbs. ago. BUT... I've only gained about 8, with a few left over from Christmas. Nowadays, I assume its chocolate when I "want something". Image

Anyway... This is great thread.

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You hit the nail right on the head! I too feel as though "something" was missing but not sure what. I said as much to my boyfriend and he said, " its your cigarette thats missing", but thats not it. I dont' really want a cigarette, just "something", something to fill that void.

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Hi All,
I just read this thread . I hope the person it was intended for has read to too. Boy, I haven't EVER been able to put into words that "want something " feeling. I agree it isn't always that "old feed of nicotine thing"...what I have been doing and it really seems to help ME is: I pour myself a glass of water...I step outside (no matter how coldImage) Close my eyes, take a long sip of the water... take a deep gulp of that cold air...exhale slowly...and say Thanks to my Higher Powder for air, water and the ability to feel the chillin' cold...then I run back inside and I feel soooo good.
Try it IF you're board and nothing else has worked. No calories...alittle extra air into those healing lungs AND it feels so good to come inside and get warm againImage
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I am familiar with that "I want something" feeling. I've had it my whole life. Lately I know it's nicotene. but it could also be any of the other drugs I've given up. (Nicotene's the hardest!) Maybe it's just the love I never got as a child. I have been using water to fill the void, and tea... and sugar.Image I have gained some weight, but I'm not going to worry about it yet. A few extra pounds is a whole lot healthier than a few hundred extra chemicals!

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A thread worth pondering...



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