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Wow, this post/video really resonated with me. Even after +2 years I still have days where I physically feel as if I just quit the day before and "I want one so bad".. Now I realize that the feeling is stress and smoking is how I dealt with it for over 25 years. The point of the video though is dealing with the "I want one..." and, fortunately, my internal debate goes something like this:
I think "I want one"
"But you can't have one"
"But I really want one"
"But you know you can't have just one"
And that's what stops me every time. I can't have just one because it's inevitable that that one will lead to two, then to three and so on until I'm right back where I left off. NTAP. It's as simple as and at times as difficult as that.

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The one puff files
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Image Quoting Joel's initial post:
Look at smoking in real terms and you will walk away from each urge with a sense of relief and accomplishement. Fantasize about them and you may walk away with a feeling of deprivation. You are not depriving yourself of anything, you are ridding yourself of a deadly addiction. See them for what they are and you will stay forever resolute to never take another puff!
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I never thought about it like this. I do believe this will help everytime I think I want just one. I will just picture that handful and know that is what I will be doing every day for the rest of my life and this is not what I want. I want to live to see my kids and grandkids, to get outside and play ball and jump on the trampoline and run like I haven't been able to do because of the nicotine I thought I had to have. From now on I will never take another puff.

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still having those darned thoughts, but reading here helps.

I'll have to start a mantra for myself: Never want ALL of it. :)

I mean....one puff, then a few, one cig, then a few, then a pack, then a few packs, then a carton....then endless back into it all over again. NOT something I'm willing to do.


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