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I had a vivid dream last night that I had one unlit in my hand but not holding it like a smoker but with both hands finger and thumb at each end, I was asking myself would I want this one.I didn't have the desire and the first thing that came to mind was a metallic zinc sort of taste and that lead to the thought of thousands of chemicals and there was no desire and I woke up feeling I had been on the outside looking in and happy to be nicotine free.

Rickdabler 2 weeks 10hrs 55mins nicotine free.
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Thanks Joel,
I really needed to see this thread today, having kind of a hard time today. Dealing with some stress for the first time since quitting and having to remind myself that cigarettes will add to the stress, not take it away. Seeing a handful of smokes is an eye opener, there is just no such thing as "1" smoke, or drag.....

Christine 9 days 13 hours.....
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The fantasy
The reality

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".....They were making you sick and tired enough of them that you voluntarily put yourself into withdrawal to break free from them. You did it. Now just keep them in perspective. If you used to smoke 20 a day, say to yourself when the urge hits that "I want 20 a day, every day, for the rest of my life, till it cripples, then kills me." As soon as you hear yourself say it in that perspective you will likely find yourself next saying, "What am I thinking? I don't want to smoke that way." That will be the end of that particular discussion......"

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For anyone feeling like they miss "it." Cigarettes were not an "it," they were a "them." If you remember them all the way they were you will realize that your desire is still to never take another puff! Joel

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The Fantasy

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This one is great.. I was talking to someone just yesterday about the only time I think I would "just like one" is in a busy social setting. They said maybe someday I would get to the point that I could do that. My reply..NO if I smoke even one puff I will go right back to where I was. Thanks for this post it proved to me that I have learned something.
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Thank you.

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"I want 20 a day, every day, for the rest of my life, till it cripples, then kills me."

ImageThank you Joel,
It sure does extinguish thoughts of just 1. I hope this always repeats itself to me everytime I think that way.
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