I used to be like that.

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Great idea to bring up this post and it really hit home. I too recently spent time hiking in the hills with smoking friends and noticed the same things mentioned in this post. I have also been noticing all the ways we nico addicts used to mark events, especially this morning. I was wrapping gifts for the holidays to ship off and finished a pile of things and had the urge for a smoke to reward myself and "take a break". I had to smile and remind myself of all the things I've learned here especially about doing routine things that only happen once in a while and how they can be triggers. I suppose with the holidays here I'm going to run into a few more of these moments but I feel able to handle all the old triggers due to my education here. The only time I faltered recently was while visiting and not being able to go outside for a smoke which I now realize I used not just for the nicotene hit but also as an accepted "excuse" to leave the company I was in. You know sometimes it's handy to be able to do that. Now, I've learned to just get away from whomever I don't want to be around and I don't "need" the nicotene excuse to do that. I needed to confront my thinking about some of my relationships with people and sometimes the reality is not pleasant but I probably would have continued to delude myself that I just needed a smoke when I really wanted to get away from some people. Interesting isn't it? All the things we learn about ourselves as we continue on the freedom train. Luck to all and hold tight to the quits----OH HEY, I am BRONZ today which I just realized. I don't even count the weeks anymore which is an amazing thing too! Happy Days to all. pj

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Image Reading this post makes me feel so good!
Thank you Ang Image

Rick - Free and Healing for Five Months, Fifteen Days

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I very much enjoyed your post. It's not often that we have an opportunity to have an objective look at our own behavior, although in this case it's a look at what USED to be our behavior. If only we could have seen ourselves in this light when we were still smoking, we might have quit sooner.

I was talking with another ex-smoker recently and we both remarked that although the smell of a cigarette didn't bother us, the smell of cigarette smoke on a smoker did. Odd. When I think that I used to smell like that, and that I thought I was hiding it from people, I am mortified. Totally embarassed.

In any case, after reading your story I am even more grateful that I no longer need to interrupt my activities, or anyone else's to get a fix.

Thanks for relating this.


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I love nature and hiking through the woods. I loved bonding with the natural scenery and smoking seemed such a natural part of everything. It wasn't. I couldn't bear to "bond" my cigarette butts into the natural surroundings, and would instead put them in my pocket until later. I feel so ashamed to have polluted the air of such beautiful places I have visited, smoking all the while I was there.

I look forward to doing these things as a non-smoker,


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I hope I wasn't the only one to have seen some humor in the original post. It is funny to reflect upon how we used to think of cigarettes and how we used to light up at each and every notable point along the way. We were so deluded!!!

Happy to be free of that for 39 days.


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from now Double Gold SusanMason2's original message #22 in this string:

"......I think that we can all relate to this - again, to both the smoker and the ex-smoker. I think we all feel the pain and embarrassment when we first realize just how obvious the smell of smoke is. Just the other night a new acquaintance told me that no one at work knew that she smoked. I didn't say anything but I did think "right! have they all had their noses removed or something??" I remember my sister telling me that the smell of smoke on me was worse in the winter - I used to just think she was being my obnoxious older sister - picky picky picky ....... now I know she was not only older, but wiser (she never smoked).
It's hard not to turn into a crusader quitting this way - you just wanna shout it from the rooftops FREEEDOMMMM!!! IT'S SOOOOOO SIMPLE...... but then the smokers just say you're being a santimonious pain in the neck and watch you like a hawk to try to see if you're going to slip up and smoke. Someone asked me the other day if I wanted to try one just to remind myself how much I didn't like them - I said , you know what?? I don't like okra but I don't need to put it in my mouth every once in awhile to remind myself how much I don't like it. I just know!

This is a great post - and great replies - well worth bringing up - thanks again,

Susan "

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Thank you John.
This entire thread is beautiful.

35 days

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I love this post so I thought I would push it up also I know that all us ex smokers will relate to it.

LET Punctuation be defined as:
Assault lungs with hot smoke to destroy life giving cells and body protection mechanisms, increase blood serum nicotine levels, flood dopamine pathways thus handing over control of brain, continue slow suicidal process

THEN a typical day in a smokers life can be described as:

Wake Up (Punctuation) Get a coffee (Punctuation) Breathe (Punctuation) Prepare to do [Anything] (Punctuation) Do [Anything] (Punctuation) and so on and on.
Where possible (Punctuation) should take place at intervals of approximately 30 mins.

Just substitute in the definition of Punctuation into the above sentence and define Anything as any activity where it would be possible to smoke. - Do it and read the sentence.....

So happy that I dont have to punctuate my life anymore

Pete - 43rd day of Freedom