I used to be like that.

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10 Feb 2005, 10:18 #11

I can really identify with your message, I love it! Today, my experience with stench is my husband, who has agreed to smoke outside. I am grateful for this but he really does stink when he comes back in. In the old days I might have been triggered by that. Now it is a reminder that what I'm doing is sooo much better than before. What is really cool is how much extra time I have now to do things.
Thanks for your message.
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Angmoon, great post! I'm like all the rest of these folks, it's amazing how any break was smoking time. Any break at all. I had a strange feeling the first time I made pasta after I quit, like I was missing something, something wasn't right. Then I realized...I'd use those few minutes while the water was boiling to have a cigarette. That was all. And when I wondered how I had no time to do all the little things I had to do....well now I know why.

Thanks for posting!


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Great post Ang,
Your friend is like most of us once were, it seems. He is smoking himself to death and says he can't quit because it's too hard. Yes, I thought that about myself also. I thought I was different, but I am so thankful to be quit now. And about that smell... it is so hard to believe we ever smelled like that, isn't it? I still wonder why I couldn't smell it when I was smoking. Hope you can inspire your friend to quit. It is so hard to watch those we care about continue to smoke when we know all they have to do is never take another puff.
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What a fantastic post, I really needed to read very badly. Today makes two weeks that I quit smoking, the night times are the hardest for me for some reason. Last night I had another smoking dream so this morning was the first time in days that I woke up craving a cigarette but for only a few seconds. I have not had a migraine headache since I have quit smoking, I am use to having at least two a week, so that right there has been a big reason for me not to light up. Yes, I will make it through today and I will NTAP.


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Ang, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this...as everyone has said...great post. I could see myself on both sides of that story...could clearly see the old me, just like your friend, and then myself now, as you were, reflecting as you experienced this day through new eyes. Yep, we've all been there. It is good to remember this and see it clearly.

Thank you for sharing.

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Oh, and as I read, I could smell the smell you spoke of...both the whiff of stale smoke that clings to a smoker's clothes, and then later, that sudden scent that overtakes the natural smells so fully as it wafts by when someone lights up...I must say, I much prefer the smells of nature. Glad I am not contributing to covering that up now!!!


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Thank you for sharing and your great way of putting things into perspective.
Every day in some way someone who shares this journey brings me a Image. On this snowy, blowy & cold 'lake effect' Thursday I am now thinking about how much more enjoyable my annual pilgramage to my native Pennsylvania mountains for a week of trout fishing will be in early April.

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I noticed that as well, Karen. When my boyfriend walked in the door tonight, I could smell his pipe smoke (the smell of which I used to *love*, by the way!) all the way from the kitchen, a distance of approximately 10 feet. To be honest, the smell just about knocked me over. Now I know how my non-smoking parents must have felt every time my daughters and I walked into *their* house. Boy, did I ever stink!

But not anymore! Image

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Thanks for bringing this one up Joe - I think that we can all relate to this - again, to both the smoker and the ex-smoker. I think we all feel the pain and embarrassment when we first realize just how obvious the smell of smoke is. Just the other night a new acquaintance told me that no one at work knew that she smoked. I didn't say anything but I did think "right! have they all had their noses removed or something??" I remember my sister telling me that the smell of smoke on me was worse in the winter - I used to just think she was being my obnoxious older sister - picky picky picky ....... now I know she was not only older, but wiser (she never smoked).

It's hard not to turn into a crusader quitting this way - you just wanna shout it from the rooftops FREEEDOMMMM!!! IT'S SOOOOOO SIMPLE...... but then the smokers just say you're being a santimonious pain in the neck and watch you like a hawk to try to see if you're going to slip up and smoke. Someone asked me the other day if I wanted to try one just to remind myself how much I didn't like them - I said , you know what?? I don't like okra but I don't need to put it in my mouth every once in awhile to remind myself how much I don't like it. I just know!

This is a great post - and great replies - well worth bringing up - thanks again,

Susan (green and grateful)

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Thank you for this post Ang. I nearly cried for your friend (and all smokers) as I read your words. I'm feelin' ya!

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