September 26th, 2005, 7:45 pm #51

I feel bad not being able to use this post much any more. Our relapse policy kind of makes this post outdated for if a member relapses they can't post at Freedom any more. Although if a person relapses they can still utilize all the information that Freedom and has to offer, so the post is not totally useless.

The question is sometimes asked of how could a person who has learned about nicotine addiction ever go back to smoking. This letter explains how, they get complacent or cocky and just think that they can now control it. People start to feel so good and so strong that there is just no way that they could go back to smoking. Well the fact is there is one way that any of our members and any lurker and any one who never sees our site can go back to smoking and that is by believing that they can take a puff without relapsing. They will be wrong and time will prove this point to them. There is no guarantee that they will ever have the strength, desire or opportunity to undo that mistake and it may be a mistake that one day costs the person his or her life.

There is in fact only one way to be able to stay a member, at least as far as smoking status goes and that is by always knowing that the only way to keep your membership and more importantly, the only way to keep this quit alive and you with it is to stay totally committed to never take another puff!


Just to avoid any confusion, all members should read the post Good news, our members don't relapse anymore...