"I think I have decided to go back to smoking"

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To Smoke or Not to Smoke[/size]

Many ex-smokers forget the problems they had while smoking and also the initial difficulty they encountered during the quitting process. Without remembering these two stages, the resolve to maintain smoking abstinence is often weakened.

There are two emotions shared by most people who currently smoke or have a past history of cigarette smoking. There is a side that wishes to smoke occasionally and a side that never wants to smoke again. The smoker is in a constant battle between these two factions. The ex-smoker only occasionally considers the luxury of taking one puff.

By forgetting the medical and psychological dangers associated with cigarette use, you may inadvertently strengthen the side which wishes to take one puff. This often results in more frequent urges of much greater intensity and duration. By remembering the real detrimental effects of smoking, your resolve remains strong. Keep a clear perspective of what it is like to be a smoker and an ex-smoker.

Never fixate on how nice one puff would be. You no longer have one puff as an option. Cigarette smoking is now an all or nothing proposition. Consider what smoking at your old level again will be like--the medical dangers, the social stigma, the staggering expenses. You are not depriving yourself of one good cigarette, rather you are doing yourself a great favor by no longer consuming one, two or even more packs per day. By coming to the clinic you were making a conscious choice not to smoke. It was a good choice. Stick with it. NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF! Joel
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ImageThanks Joel.
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Thanks for this thread, Joel. I've been having a lot of urges lately, even dreaming! I didn't dream when I was early on - my daughter did. Reading this has helped put me back on track - sometimes that junkie brat inside needs to be put in her place.Image
This was just such perfect timing for me.

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That is a great post. I am going to bookmark it and always read it when my junkie brain tells me that one puff or one smoke wont hurt me.
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I was at a local cemetery today talking to the manager about promoting my next clinic to his employees. It is free for people who live in the suburb where the cemetery is located. I thought he may want to take the approach that as management he would rather have his employees as his workers rather than as his customers. Anyway, it made me think of this letter, because part of the discussion we were having was centered around people who make prepaid funeral arrangements.


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Anyone in denial about what it means to continue smoking will find this one hard to read. When we need a jolt to put us back on track, this will work.
It seems that the avenues your mind travels down to enlighten us to the truth are endless . Thank you again, just doesn't say enough, but it comes from the bottom of my heart. Image

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Here Sue, I thought you might appreciate this one too--it has a similar theme.
"I made a conscious decision to smoke"
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I really enjoyed this one! I hadn't been reading as much after turning green (mainly because I suddenly got very busy, but also because it didn't feel as dire) and I'm really glad I happened upon this 'letter' of Joel's now. It has reminded me of a number of important points. One: to be careful of becoming lacksadasical .


How much I appreciate this truthful sense of 'humor'. The very blunt presentation of facts on this site REALLY WORKS for me (and obviously so many others too).

Maybe it seems inappropriate in some way, but to laugh about how very intense it is to be addicted has worked wonders for me. This is NOT (in any shape or form) to say that I am not serious about my quit (as I am) just that your sense of irony, Joel, has been very beneficial to me in my sometimes dark twists of thinking.

Thankx for the 'wit'.

I am grateful to be here.

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Image For anyone who thinks it may be time to quit quitting.
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Wow, that was great! I can really relate to sarcasm. I will memorize this one, and give it out when I am a STRONG non-smoker! Thanks.

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