February 16th, 2009, 12:14 am #41

The tobacco industry spends billions in order to condition society to believe that smokers smoke because the mini toxic waste dump present in every burning cigarette (43 carcinogins, more than 500 gases and over 3,500 chemical particles) pleases human tastebuds.
Why are the more than 500 flavor additives been identified in cigarettes? Why are they really there? Is there even one flavor additive on the above list that you cannot have by the bowl full without the 43 carcinogens? Why is menthol really used? Could it be for numbing throat tissues and making toxic smoke tolerable?

How many cigarette smokers do you know who don't **** the smoke deep into their lungs and then briefly hold it so that it can transport its captivating cargo?
How many smokers do you know who have even one tastebud inside their lungs?
Haven't you earned the right to self-honesty?