I smoke because I like the flavor

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06 Jul 2006, 04:24 #31

Whew! This so clearly shows that cigarettes are one of the most deadly of the addictive drugs on earth. This is the lowest point a person can go with cigarettes.

Thank goodness for this site and Joel. Thank you for bringing it home why we can never ever take another puff.

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I saw where a member wrote that sometimes when a person is too ill they are too distracted to think about cigarettes. This may be a true statement for an ex-smoker, but not so likely to be true for an active smoker. I am going to kick up a few posts that make this point clear.

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I worked in a hospital for 5 years...I saw many people like this...it breaks your heart

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Also take a look at what I found on a tobacco site:

Virtually all U.S. cigarettes include common flavors such as cocoa, sugar, licorice and fruit- and mint-based derivatives.

Just coincidence? I think not.

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Wow, that's some party piece...I'm so glad I've quit.

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Cocoa, Vanilla Extract, Almond Bitters and hundreds more make up a cigarette, most added by the manufacturer to make it taste better. Can't imagine what it would taste like without all of that stuff.

I saw this on a tobacco company website - "Smoking is addictive and dangerous".

It took me more than 40 years to get angry about what I was doing to my body as a nicotine junkie. I only hope that I am not too late.

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Looking at all those ingredients in the Nicotine Sticks in the cold hard light of day - I am shocked and horrified even more than I already was!!! The truth sets me free!
Thank heavens for Freedom!

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You say you smoked for flavor?
Question: How many taste buds are inside human lungs,
the place you sucked and briefly held all smoke?
Answer: None, Zero, Zilch

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"I smoke for flavor. Or, I smoke to stand out as looking good. The man pictured above, and the thousands of others like him who smoke after losing their voice boxes are classic examples of why people actually smoke. They smoke because they are addicted to nicotine." Joel

This does happens, it happened to my Grandfather, it caused his death, he was never able to read us a story or see us grow upImage
The other day I saw a mature women purchasing 4 cartons of nicotine and she communicated by an electronical device placed to her throat and BAM..... I was reminded of my Grandfather and I wept when I got in my car!

Its okay to smile, joke and laugh here....we all understand we need the joy, but sometimes we need to remember always,
this QUITTING is serious stuff. Hold your quit tight, you are worth the work!!!!

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Image We smoked because if we didn't we would experience withdrawal.