I Quit Thousands of Times Then...

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Thanks for bringing this one up and a big THANK YOU to Poppa Jim for writing it.
I'm sharing this one with my wonderful mom.

-Theresa, Two weeks, two days, 2 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds. 273 cigarettes not smoked, saving $44.46. Life saved: 22 hours, 45 minutes.

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Thanks ... needed to hear that especially today with smoking Friend over and that addicted part of my brain making up SO MANY EXCUSES FOR ME TO TAKE A SMOKE!


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Image Hey Sunshine -you read this- and read it again and again and again -if you need to - I do - I printed it out and stuck it to my notice board.

And please remember there is NO EXCUSE/REASON to have a cigarette - remember sunshine hang onto your Freedom! don't throw it away for the sake of a cigarette which WILL NOT give you any sense of relief anyway!! Sorry but you've come too far!

ImageWe are in good hands........

yqs Maz
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2686 cigarettes not smoked, saving $859.87. Life saved: 1 week, 2 days, 7 hours, 50 minutes.

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Thank you Poppa Jim, I have been jealous of a friend who had a very low addiction, only smoked at night, socially and has had no weight gain and no problem quittingj(so it seems) AAAARRRGH!! My addiction was just that, AWFUL!! Thanks for this post, I think back on how many times I would set a date to quit, and not make it past 7am, I hate NICODEMON so much that I am more and more determined never to take another puff!!! 2m 1w 4d 27m...TLC Heather

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"I had to re-learn how to live life, and that meant taking things minute-by-minute sometimes. I had to keep believing that keeping away from that first one was all I needed to worry about. No matter what was happeneing, just a few minutes more and not have the first one. The minutes turned to hours. The hours turned to days. Weeks. Years."

ImageMareBear, thanks for digging up this little gem -- I'd never read it! Lots of wisdom and hope in here.

Parker - 9+ months

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I remember many times when I hacked my way through one more, hating the taste or smell, swearing that it would be different when I quit.................. tommorow. I remember the emotional turmoil of another 'quitting' day started. Within minutes of waking, knowing I'd regret it, and I'd lighting up anyway. .........

I've come to recognize that my Higher Power reached out to me through people teaching me these principles, and this has save my life. Now, in accordance with those principles, I repay that kindness in the way that those people taught me. Now I reach out to others and try to pass along a simple message. There is hope, and there is freedom. To get here, I had to find a Power greater than myself, because setting myself as the highest power in life left me with an addict for a god. The Higher Power that I see working in my life today helps me to LIVE life in ways I was truely meant to have lived it. All I can do is suggest. Try this for 90 days. If you aren't satisfied after that, I'll gladly refund double your misery.

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Image.........All I can do is suggest. Try this for 90 days. If you aren't satisfied after that, I'll gladly refund double your misery. Poppa_Jim
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Try this for 90 days. If you aren't satisfied after that, I'll gladly refund double your misery. Poppa_Jim

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It's been a long while since I posted, but this one caught my attention today. I was thinking only yesterday about how in January I approach the two year mark. Yes, I'm still quit and extremely happy about it. It is interesting how sometimes I am still caught off guard by one of those fleeting thoughts as outlined before. Even after nearly two years of "smoking sobriety" I get the occasional little voice in my ear. Fortunately it is never enough to convince me to trade up my easy breathing for a return into smoking misery. There is something wonderful about not having to fumble every other shop for a cigarette, not having to join the queue of outcast miserable smokers huddled together out in the freezing cold wind while others sit inside the cafe, warmly sipping on their coffee. It is brilliant not keep putting the phone away from my mouth so I can hack-hack away without deafening the person I'm talking to with my smoker's cough. I have almost forgotten. Almost, but not quite. I always want to hang on to the tail end of those memories so I never again make the mistake of taking another puff.
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Hello Poppa Jim,

Thanks for the inspiring post - if you can do it so can I!! This MUST be my last quit - you have helped. If I am tempted I will remember the "double your misery" message.

You have done so well.

Sharry x