July 25th, 2007, 8:49 pm #11

From above:

A new member felt concerned because 17 days into a quit she was still having a tough time. She made the comment that she was "barely making it." The person in this story was working on a similar sentiment, that he too was doing okay because he was just "barely smoking."

Both assessments are wrong. If you stick to your commitment to not deliver nicotine today you are doing what you need to insure your quit is going to make it through the day, giving it the opportunity to get better and better over time.

If you were to just take a single puff you would not be "just barely" making it--you would have in fact totally blown your quit and would be putting your health and likely your life at risk.

There are only two measurements here, success or failure. Success will continue to get easier if you work at keeping your ammunition strong of why you quit and why you want to stay off AND as long as you continue to stick with the commitment you made to yourself when you joined up with us to never take another puff!