I don't know if I have another quit in me.

I don't know if I have another quit in me.

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Its funny, you will hear many people say and feel sentiments like this the first few weeks into a quit. But over time many lose this feeling and start to think that quitting was no big deal. If ever asked how it was to quit they may even say that it was no big deal and begin to think that if they were ever to go back, they would just quit again. This is a form of complacency and complacency has killed many a quits.

An ex-smoker can get to the point that he or she looks back at smoking as being vile, disgusting, expensive, stupid, crazy, and many other derogatory terms. He or she may think that with what he or she knows and understands now that there is absolutely no way he or she could return to such an unwanted lifestyle. The ex-smoker then knows he or she is secure forever from relapsing--and then the final piece of the illogical puzzle falls into place--that if he or she hates smoking so much, and there is no way he or she will return to smoking--well then a puff here and there can't be a big deal because he or she is so resolute to remain smoke free. That is where the story often tragically ends.

For anyone who ever feels that they are not sure that they have another quit in them, they should be aware that they may be absolutely correct, they don't know that they have another quit in them. But for every member of this group today we know for a fact that you have this one going right now and I suspect you are all pretty sure you can make this one last through the rest of the day. This is the one you want to cultivate now for it is likely the one that has the best chance to work and it is definitely the one that has the best chance of avoiding the potentially lethal consequences of smoking.

For if this quit didn't take but maybe a few months from now or a few years from now the next one would, you still don't know that one of the cigarettes you smoked in that intervening time period didn't start up some deadly irreversible process. This factor again is another reason that you should do everything in your power to make this quit stick. To make this quit the quit that sticks and saves your health and your life always remember to never take another puff!


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I really don't know where it came from - but I've seen it quoted a few times here at Freedom, that

"I'd rather be an ex-smoker who has an ocassional thought about smoking than a smoker obsessing about quitting"

That is me to a T. When I was smoking - I don't think there was one cigarette that I lit where I didn't think "God I wish I didn't have to do this, but I'm too terrified to quit" Thank God - those days are over, because today I accept I'm a nicotine addict and I know I Never Have to Take Another Puff!

Grateful to be Free and not facing withdrawal because I really don't think I do have another quit in me!!

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This ia an excellent written post and so true. I am not sure where the courage came from for me on this quit. I failed miserably so many times before within hours not days. I did the same on this one the very first day. However, something came over me for just the one 24 hour period I needed. I was granted some strength from someone or someplace and made it through just one day at a time. Perhaps it was the testimonials and education I found when I found this site the first day of a successful quit. I don't know. I do know this, the way I am and my past record of quits I don't have another in me. Something inside of me tells me this is my last opportunity to quit.

I have learned from Freedom how fragile a quit can be and just as fragile to maintain it. Yes, for some odd and unknown reasons this quit hasn't been so bad for me. Possibly I had mentally prepared myself over the years that a quit would be more than torture. My mind was so conditioned to believe that. Regardles I have been quit this time for

2 Months 3 Days 8 Hours 49 Minutes 28 Seconds

This is something 3 months ago I would have never believed I could achieve. Coming here lurking, then daily after I joined a short time ago allows my condidence to soar to new heights.
For that I thank so many kind and caring people @ this website. Each morning I wake up, I read this message I framed and placed on my nite stand.
I do not take my life for granted,
I fullly realize how much I cherish each and every day,
I quit smoking as if my LIFE depended on it.
This is my first addtitde adjustement each day. I know I would fit right into your post Joel, and I cannot become so complacent to allow this to happen to me.

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I believe this is a good time to resurect a post like this one. Joel posted it not long ago......wow, did it strike a chord with me. I looked deep in my heart and soul and asked if I had another Quit left in me. I didn't like the answer that popped up.

In my short time at Freedom I have seen many struggles and successes. I have seen relapses and I have seen just a couple returnees from relapses.


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I just saw this concept touched upon in a thread about Rachel's father.

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Do I Have Another Quit in Me?
Been asking myself that a lot lately and it's just too much of a risk - because I'm sure I probably don't. I have had a few quits in the past and each one is different but there is one constant in all of them; do I want to have that obsessive thinking torture me every hour of every day? No way. The triggers still happen from time to time and I can cope with them but mostly it's the freedom of going for days without thinking about smoking. It's knowing that I can go for long walks without that burning in the chest feeling and the cough. No, I don't have another quit in me and don't want to take the test either.
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Thanks Joel,

You could bring this up twice a day and I would read it over again.


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Thank you for pulling this up.
I take one day at a time because deep down there is that fear that this is my final quit in me, if I were to take another puff, it would kill me out right, or at least at some point in the future. I don't want to die today or by way of the illnesses that smoking would cause, in the future.

Thank you for being here to educate and support us! Here's to remaining smoke free and enjoying it!


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Hi Friends
You know I have always heard when you quit and start back it gets worse and harder
each time and I for sure know I don't have another one in me ...it is two much pain to
keep going through ...But one thing is for sure ...this is a piece of cake compared to
having Cancer or Dieing a horrible death ...so I am going to fight with all I have in me
to STAY NicFREE....Thanks Wanda
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