I choose life

I choose life

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The idea that you can't quit smoking is just nonsense. You may believe that you can't quit or that quitting is just too difficult for you, but you are wrong. You can quit, you just don't want to or you don't know how. Why do you smoke? Do you know the answer to that question? Have you read these articles? Why Do People Smoke?

You are a nicotine addict. You are a drug addict plain and simple; your drug of choice is nicotine.
  • You don't smoke cigarettes because you like the way they taste, you like the way cigarettes taste because you are addicted to nicotine.
  • You don't inhale hot, acrid, particulate carcinogens in the smoke of burning tobacco because you have a death wish, you smoke despite the warnings because it is a very efficient nicotine delivery method - You are very impatient when it comes to getting your fix.
  • You don't wake up each morning unable to function until you have had a few cigarettes and coffee because you need nicotine and caffeine to survive, you are slowly diminishing your ability to survive with the tortuous cycle of nicotine and caffeine highs and lows that you put your body through - The more you smoke, the more you need to smoke (That is known as developing a tolerance, one of the tests for whether a substance is addictive.)
If you are a visitor here or are in the first few days of withdrawal from nicotine waiting to apply for membership, know this: It gets much better and it gets much easier.
Life without nicotine is not a sacrifice, it is freedom from the death sentence you are serving voluntarily. Life without cigarettes is not difficult, it is an infinitely easier and healthier existence. While in the first few days of withdrawal, the relief you are seeking from the cravings lies not in smoking a cigarette to reinforce your addiction, but in denying yourself that short term relief in favor of life free of the bondage of hourly feeding cycles through a delivery device that has a 50/50 chance of ending your life early and if it does not, will over time, significantly diminish the quality of the life you live.

You smoke by choice. Decide that you can live without nicotine and you can. Decide that you are hopelessly addicted and you are. But if you step over to this side of the fence and look back from whence you came, you will never ever regret choosing Freedom.

I choose Freedom, I choose life.

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Wonderfully well put! Congratulations on hitting the nail on the head.


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Well said my friend! Nicotine addiction is very nasty ( see Nicotine Addiction 101
and Some new findings on Nicotine Addiction ). Quitting smoking (or dipping) is doable and simple. Notice I didn't say easy....I said simple. As long as you never take another puff (NTAP) or dip, you have a 100% chance of beating your addiction forever and never, ever relapsing. If a weak, old addict like me can do it, then I know you can. It just takes a little resolve, patience and education. Like Joseph said, look at it like you're not giving something up but rather getting rid of something real nasty. Educate yourself here. You can do it. "Get busy living or get busy dying."
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Joseph, you ARE a mind reader ... I was thinking of bumping up Attention lurkers (also known as visitors) yesterday and then you wrote your post!

I hope everybody looking at this string has read all the recommended links and has decided that they are finally ready to take their lives back! If you haven't quit yet: what are you waiting for?

Have a look at these as well:

No, it might not always be easy but it surely is doable (If you don't believe us, have a look at the testimonies of the Turkey's Triumphs) and you are so worth it! Image

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Still an excellent message that bears repeating.

You Smoke Because You're A Smoke-a-holic!

There are only two choices to make -

Pick up that next cigarette or pinch of snuff or piece of nicotine gum and self-administer the next in an unrelenting series of nicotine doses


Make a decision for your life to preserve life to simply Not Take Another Puff or Pinch or Piece - Ever.

Choose Life!

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ImageFor Libby, couldn't find this to add to my post earlier, now here it is.

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I choose life!

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Today I choose life too. I will deal with tomorrow when it arrives!!

sandy -a nicotine addict who hasn't used nicotine for Twelve Days, 11 Hours and 56 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 15 Hours, by avoiding the use of 187 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $28.13.

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I smoke because I am a nicotine addict, not because cigarettes are my buddy, my best friend. "You don't inhale hot, acrid, particulate carcinogens because you have a death wish, you smoke despite the warnings because it is a very efficient nicotine delivery method. . . ." Thanks for reminding me.