How I stopped dreaming about smoking

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How I stopped dreaming about smoking

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After week 3 I was dreaming about smoking every night. Yes Every night. And each night it was the same thing. Somebody would offer me a smoke, I would accept it.

I would then take a puff or two and then picture the terrible smoke and chemicials going into my lung. Then, while still dreaming, I would have terrible remorse about having a smoke.

Then one night I had the same dream started up and somebody offered me a smoke. I turned around to them and said "No thanks, I dont smoke anymore." The dream stopped dead and since then I have not had a single dream which has nicotine in it. Just shows you the power of the mind.

My brother told me that when he stopped smoking he had terrible dreams about smoking and still frequently dreams of cigarettes. I told him about this and, at my last check, he was still waiting to try my technique.

I also have a skill in that I can change my dreams (only just a little bit but I can influence the dream). Like when I have a bad dream, I am aware of it and often wake up befor ethings get too out of hand.Or if I see something interesting or exciting in my dream I make a concous effort to engage and interact or do something strange (like flying or breathing under water). So maybe this is not for eveyone. My brother does not have the ability to control his dreams like I do.

What are your thoughts on this?
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