How do you handle being with smokers?

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When I'm confronted with smokers I tend to feel sorry for them...quitting was my decision, and I hated the way I felt when I smoked....especially because I always knew that I had to quit or it would kill me. I could be them, puffing my way to death if I so chose...I choose not too...


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Good question/thread. Most of the time I notice if a person is smoking around me but from time to time it's weird but I haven't actually noticed that another person has been smoking and I only think about it a lot later. When I first quit I did not want to be around other smokers altho' my partner was smoking at the time. I got more used to them because John was smoking and I never found the "way" that he smoked very appealing/attractive. Two very close friends of mine have always been instrumental in me not being able to keep a quit because I've always socialized with them in that context. However, since I've come to Freedom, I have discovered that I have more intestinal fortitude with them especially and their smoking hasn't really bothered me at all. As it happens, I have mentioned this web site to both of them in the hopes that they, too will find their way here and try not to be a huge pain in the butt (!!!) so I won't turn them off the idea. Attraction rather than promotion is how I'm handling it. However, I am not really keen on the idea of going into a bar that has a lot of smokers in it and it's not because I'll get into a crave situation it's that they are beginning to look really disgusting and dirty to me and I don't want to be hacking and coughing in the morning. Not really worth it - rather go to the movies.
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Again with the holiday coming up in the next few days it is important for everyone to be psychologically prepared for encountering people who are smoking. Just keep your reasoning up of why you initially quit and why you don't want to ever have to go through quitting again and worst yet, you never want to go through smoking again. Remember both perspectives accurately and you will always choose to never take another puff!


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How do I handle being around smokers?
I invite them to Freedom!

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For Kristen and other newbies venturing out around smokers this weekend!

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The bar seen and getting a little tipsey or a lot tipsey is what killed a few good quits for me in the past (2 1/2 months on one of them) I have learned now how to stay away from those situations. Having a few drinks around a bunch of smokers can spell disaster for your quit.

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For Diana as she prepares to leave on vacation

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Walking Among the Addicted
Nicotine addiction has taken a tremendous toll on humanity. It knows no boundaries and does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, religion, health status or skin complexion. Regardless of the nation which we call home, we each must learn to remain comfortable as we walk among the addicted and watch them engage in public nicotine feedings.

The World Health Organization's national cigarette per capita consumption figures are calculated by dividing the total number of cigarettes sold in a nation by the total number of adults age 15 and older. They're very telling because they reveal the actual density of cigarettes being consumed daily in each country. Let's look at a few examples:
Average Number of Cigarettes
Smoked Per Adult Per Year
India 129 Ghana 161
Nigeria 189 Kenya 200
Ecuador 232 Bangladesh 245
Bahamas 438 Honduras 595
Nepal 619 Costa Rica 690
Norway 725 Mexico 754
Malaysia 910 Hong Kong 1,016
Thailand 1,067 Venezuela 1,079
Sweden 1,202 New Zealand 1,213
Egypt 1,275 Finland 1,351
Ukraine 1,456 South Africa 1,516
Argentina 1,527 Germany 1,702
Russia 1,702 United Kingdom 1,748
China 1,791 Brazil 1,802
Italy 1,901 Australia 1,907
Canada 1,976 France 2,058
Israel 2,162 Ireland 2,236
United States 2,255 Czech Republic 2,306
Netherlands 2,323 Spain 2,364
Turkey 2,394 Japan 2,403
Belgium 2,428 Hungary 2,431
Croatia 2,578 Bulgaria 2,575
Switzerland 2,720 Republic of Korea 2,918
Poland 3,291 Greece 4,313
Imagine getting medical advice on quitting while living in Greece where 50% of all male doctors/physicians in the entire country are addicted to nicotine. I'd love to be a fly on the wall.

Regardless of where we live and how many times a day we're faced with watching a smoker publically elevate their falling blood nicotine level, we can continue to stand tall and proud! That isn't us anymore! We are the masters of our minds!

It's ok to notice them, it doesn't hurt a bit, but continue to see them for what they truly are, captives of an endless cycle of rising and falling serum blood nicotine levels who are trying their very best to blend into society while engaged in publically feeding their addiction. We would have to be blind not to notice them.

Don't allow the fact that you do notice them make you think that you're doing something wrong! You're not! We all notice them! After a lifetime of addiction, ourselves, it's normal and it doesn't mean that we're having a "crave" or even a "thought" about smoking - they're simply there and we each have eyes!

Each year there will be fewer and fewer public buildings in which nicotine addicts can legally light a fire between their lips. Each year we'll see more and more smokers forced out into the streets as they smoke while standing around outside buildings, walking or while driving in cars. They're not there to tease us - LOL (stands for laugh out loud)! They're there because they only have two choices - feed the beast or endure withdrawal.

When you see a smoker, keep in mind that surveys show that over 70% of them don't want to smoke that next cigarette - they want to be like you but they don't know how. Failure upon failure, they now close their minds at the mere mention of quitting while inside clinging to the hope that maybe someday soon they'll manage to break free.

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The first time I had to be around smokers was on the 3rd day of my quit. I did not "smell" the smoke but I saw the attendees of a seminar out on a patio during a break. I stood at the glass and watched them and started crying feeling as if I had lost my best friend. Thank goodness for Joel's article that I happend to stumble on that night. Now, one month into my quit it really doesn't bother me. I can watch and smell - I just know I can never take another puff. I am starting to become one of those dreaded "reformed smoker evangalists".
Kind of funny reading your statistic on Greece John. It it soooo true. I lived in Greece for 3 years in the mid 80's. If you went to a restaurant, it was not uncommon for the waiter to have a cigarette dangling from his mouth as he took your order. I had a girlfriend that had a baby in the hospital in Athens and the Dr. came in the room with a big puff of smoke trailing behind him. He also, when finished with his cigarette, crushed it out on the floor with his shoe. Seems nasty now but back then all I though was "cool you can smoke in the hospitals here!" I am now glad that I don't have to try and attempt a quit living there!!


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My advice: Move to California!!! The fact that you are not allowed to smoke ANYWHERE (not even bars) bothered me a lot at first, but when I realized that it made me smoke less I didn't complain too much. NOW I'm just so thankful! I'm only faced with other smokers when I walk down the street and that has so far been manageable. (Plus I still have a pretty bad cold which I believe has helped through my first 95 hours of being smoke free! Hey: Whatever works, right?)

My boyfriend is back from Holland and although I've missed him and look forward to seeing him again, I wonder how hard it will be for me: He's a smoker. But maybe he'll be inspired and smoke less around me, and maybe he'll even consider quitting too! I guess that's how I should look at it, and not worry so much beforehand!

We just have to remain strong and NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!!!