Have you ever embraced a crave?

Subconscious use cue extinguishment
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24 Nov 2003, 21:22 #31

Looking Forward to my next Difficult Day!

No, you didn't read the headline wrong, nor is it a typo. Earlier this week I had a few difficult days, but I embraced them. Why? Because I knew today, (a day of comfort and celebration), was just around the corner! Difficulty makes Celebration so much sweeter! Here's to "difficult days", and especially to those days that follow them!!!-------ImageOuija7Image
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I think I'm lucky working where I do (post office) while going through the first days of ending nicotine use. I find great release in throwing my head back and sort of yelling HAHAHAHA while throwing my arms in an arc behind me. And then I yell I Had An Urge!!! It's amazing the feedback you can get from people you thought you knew. Share yourself and be amazed at what you recieve.

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This smile on my face belongs to you Debra, thanks! This is a very special time for all of us and to see members delighting it taking back control of the more than 200 neurochemicals that nicotine held hostage is special. Be proud of you! All that matters are the next few minutes and each is entirely within our ability to move beyond. We're beside each other in spirit. John

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24 Mar 2004, 23:19 #34

Meeting, greeting and reconditioning all of our subconscious nicotine feeding cues is a very necessary part of recovery. Calm those deep inner fears as there is absolutely no reason to fear this temporary journey of adjustment back to fully and comfortably engaging life as "us!" You're going home and there's only one rule, no nicotine today ... Never Take Another Puff!
Breathe deep, hug hard, live long! John

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ImageImageImageImagegreat post for me today!
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Keep on meeting, greeting and defeating those triggers and you will soon find that anything you could do as a smoker, you will do better and enjoy lots more as your quit matures and you become a comfortable ex smoker.


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ImageDon't just let them pass. They really are harmless once you understand. They are nothing but part of your healing process. Nothing More, Nothing Less. Reach out and capture one and see for yourself.
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of everything i've read here, this has turned out to be the most profound for me.

my craving looked like death but when i stopped running i realized it was really rebirth.

thank you, john!

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I really like thsi one to one of the better ones!


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hello freedomites! this thread has really helped me the last couple days. just a day shy of being double green.i am so glad i happened upon it. johnny-59 days in 1 hour