Good news, our members don't relapse anymore...

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Dear Plover,

In addition to what Bill has said, it's important to remember that most smokers try to quit many, many times. It's more a testimony to addiction and lack of education about addiction than to all these people being "expert at failing." They were really only "expert" at being addicted and not understanding that.

Freedom is not a site that sells the stat about needing to try 6 times to succeed. You only need to not smoke again to succeed. Many members have tried unsuccessfully to quit in the past, and I believe their experiences are valuable. Relapse is a very real option for all of us. Pretending it doesn't happen doesn't make it any less dangerous. In fact, ignoring the failures of the past is more dangerous, IMHO. This is not to say you must focus constantly on the possibility of relapsing. I think keeping a postive outlook and balance that with real education about the dangers is really key. And also where Freedom really excels.

Here are some threads, among many others, that I think are relevant:
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Heck, anything on this board: Prevent Relapse

Also, have a look at this, I think you'll find it interesting! ....Green Club

Ultimately, the only quit that matters is yours today, so hug it tight and congratulate yourself for making the best choice for the rest of your life!

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Geese, I hate to chime in here with bad news because I like Bill's memory better than the actual figures. Our last two six month reviews were in December 2002 and March 2003 and both generated almost identical six month rates of 38% and 39% respectively. We really need to find the time to do a new assessment.

As for OTC NRT, I think that the experts are now pretty much in agreement that it's generating about 7% at six months. Six months is quickly becoming the standard for measuring cessation programs, unless of course you look at the UK's NHS programs which amazingly continues to declare success at 4 weeks when three-quarters of those declared to have successfully quit are still actively using nicotine weaning products. Go figure!

Tonight I'll dream that you're right, Bill Thanks for the smile : )

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Thanks John, Melissa and Bill. That was good info. Sort of what my friend wanted to know and so did I. Looks like I am at the best place to be! I have a friend that says she quit smoking three years ago, but still uses NRT. She only quit the smoke chemicals and the anti-social part, but she is still a nicotine addict. I'm trying to find the information, also, that relates only to nicotine effects on the body after absorbed from patches. She is convinced that the nicotine patch is safe to use indifinitely.

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Here are two more articles that shed some light on issues you have raised:
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Here are two others that address the NRT issue:
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Thanks as always, good info. I never threw away my cigarettes. They're in drawer's around the house. Must be at least a carton and a half around here. It wasn't symbolic to throw them away for some reason. I think I inititally thought I would go into a panic syndrome or anxiety attack over not having cigarettes in the house. I really didn't give that much thought. Whether the cigarettes were here or at the corner market seemed irrelevant. I never from the day I decided to quit ever touched the cigarettes, nor ever put one in my purse again. Smokers are always coming and going here and leaving cigarettes here. The presence of cigarettes in the house is something that will occur; they just will not be smoked by me. I've been having fun trying to give the cigarettes away. In order to receive a free pack they must read on this website one hour. Some have made it thirty minutes. I haven't given away the first pack yet. One person has tried for the cigarettes three times. I'm hoping some of the reading is getting through. This is surely an unconventional way to get someone to educate themselves; but hey, they're going to smoke anyway.

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The Teaching of Conventional Wisdom at Freedom 86 1 Joel. 2/7/2004 9:36 PM
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Plover, relative to smoking nicotine alone is clearly far safer but science has already generated lung cancer by using the nicotine patch on rats. In fact the last study was by the U.S. government and for the first time we actually saw friction in our governement's NRT marriage with the pharmaceutical industry when the results were first published. I think they settled on wording stating that nicotine does not cause cancer but that NNK. NNK is one of the most potent carcinogens of all and it's one of the chemicals that nicotine breaks down into as it rides out it two-hour half-life inside the human body.

Here are a few other recent concerns that your friend may want to read:

Science Daily - January 2003

National Institute for Health and Medical Research, Paris - May 2002

Stanford University School of Medicine - July 2001

Causes hardening of arteries - atherosclerosis
Stanford University School of Medicine - July 2001

University of Minnesota Cancer Center - November 2000

Causes brain damage & linked to chronic depression
by Dr. Barry Bittman, M.D. - 2000

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From: plover Sent: 2/7/2004 10:28 PM
Very good links, John. I read them all and forwarded info to my friend who has been on those patches too long. She wears the patches at night; so, her body never gets a break from nicotine.

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