General warning about getting a cold or flu after quitting

General warning about getting a cold or flu after quitting

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General warning about getting colds or flu after quitting
All recent quitters need to be aware of two things thta can happen when getting cold or flu near the time that they quit smoking. First, a cold may be more annoying than normal. If anyone gets a cold within a few months of a quit, it is often a really uncomfortable one. The reason being not only are you producing excessive mucous from the infection itself, but since your Cilia are still in the process of cleaning out of the built up mucous that has been accumulated over the years and decades that never had a chance of coming out before, the amount of congestion and the symptoms can really make a person miserable. Also, with nerve cells that have now regenerated throughout your whole respiratory tract functioning normally, you can feel pain and irritation that were dulled when you were a smoker. It may have taken you a little longer as a smoker to even know when you were getting sick. With impaired nerve cells you may not have felt earlier symptoms, or if you did you may not have been able to differentiate what was just an effect of smoking too much or of actually having some sort of infection. With nerve cells back in place you are likely not going to be overly tempted to smoke for the concept of pouring hot irritating smoke on an already irritated throat is generally not a pleasant thought.

Where you do have to be careful and aware is that when your cold starts to dissipate, you might get stronger than normal thoughts for cigarettes. For while you likely cut back on cigarette consumption when you were a smoker with a cold, when you started to get better you would have to make up for lost time, or more accurately, for lower than normal nicotine levels since you had instinctively cut cigarettes down to a bare minimum in those times. This makes the first time getting well a potentially powerful trigger. Just be aware of the fact and it will help you to minimize the effect. Then know that over your lifetime, your colds will probably be less frequent, resolve quicker and be less severe as long as you always remember to never take another puff!

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Thanks for the info Joel. Being 10 weeks into my quit the last month has been one cold after another. My work as a builder exposes me to a high level of dust and fumes which my lungs simply can't tolerate now that they are beginning to clear.
I've been searching for information to help with the situation but am finding nothing.
Even an estimate of how long to expect this condition to last would be helpful.
Do you know of any informative links?


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Just a wierd comment on Joel's observations above. While I would cut back on smoking with a cold, especially a cold with a bad cough.... I would still try to smoke enough to stop the coughing. Since smoking suppresses coughing, I saw those few cigarettes as a very perverse form of cough medicine. For me, that made the "Got A Cold" trigger a little more intense, until I realized just how insane it was......

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The cool thing I've noticed over the last "almost" year is that I just am not getting those colds anymore. I used to count on a "summer cold" and a "winter cold" every year, with a cough that lasted a long time after. I think I might have gotten my one and only cold since quitting smoking a few weeks ago, but it was so mild, I'm not even sure it was a cold. Just another FANTASTIC benefit to being a Quitter!! Image

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What amazes me the most in this extraordinary site is that I find the answers to every single case and issue that may concern both smoking and quitting!! It is three days now that I caught a terrible cold. "Normally" (I mean when I was smoking) I used to catch cold twice a year: first around November and once more around May. But this time my throat feels so irritated and I have such pain when I swallow, I have never felt so badly before! And it was a very unpleasant surprise for me, because I thought that since I quit, sickness will be easier to deal with! So, I came here to seek for comfort and … I found the explanation for what is happening to me! And that is much more important and helping . When you know what and why is happening, you can fight it more effectively. Needless to say, I'm very proud to not even think about smoking!

Thanks Joel, your post helped me a lot!

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Learning all this was HUGE for me! The sickness triggers were my most annoying.

When I needed to learn, Freedom was a united team of pedagogues! For those who are new to this topic, check this link out:

Nicotine is not medicine / Triggers when I'm sick

And guess what! That was my very last trigger!! Woohoo!!

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