John (Gold)
John (Gold)

February 3rd, 2007, 12:26 pm #61

Those of you who have ventured out and visited other online forums have likely noticed that Freedom is different and it isn't by chance. This forum lives and breathes the expectation that every human dependent upon nicotine can come home. No exceptions, zero acceptable excuses for relapse, just one day at a time and then celebrate the full and complete victory that today was yours!

We fully appreciate that the forum's focus rules constrain natural desires to socialize and divert. Our sincere thanks to each of you for understanding that for many here this is statistically a life or death period in their life. Time has run out and failure means becoming a statistic. If at times we seem far too serious, please forgive us as over the years we've seen what happens when time runs out.

Sincere regards,

John (Gold x7)


John (Gold)
John (Gold)

October 25th, 2007, 4:25 am #62

Thanks Freedom!

Part of our responsibility here at Freedom is to prepare member expectations for those magic days when these quickly healing brains, pumping out natural dopamine "aaah" memories, so bury or displace nicotine "aaah" memories that it becomes hard to appreciate why this place continues to stay so intensely focused on the early challenges.

When you think about it, it's a wonderful problem to have. As the time between challenges continues to grow, we sincerely thank each of you for making sure that each new arriving generation finds the same focused and intense support that was present when we arrived. Still just one rule for each of us ... no nicotine today!
John (Gold x8)
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September 18th, 2009, 1:36 pm #63

Freedom Courtesies and Rules Change:
Rules Apply to Profiles
Freedom's 2009 move from MSN to Yuku brought with it substantially more communication avenues than management had previously experienced. One such avenue is the ability of members to create multiple Yuku profiles, with the ability to switch between profiles, having a different profile for each Yuku group to which they belong. Each Yuku profile gives members an avenue to share links, off-board profile messages (**visible to all members and managers**), and images, and to send invitations to Freedom members to visit a member's profile page, where they can communicate and share messages away from Freedom's message boards (link to Yuku's "How do I" page).
While such extensive communication avenues sound great, the forum's purpose is to provide new arrivals the education and support needed to remain nicotine free today. This forum is built on the premise that understanding is the key to permanent abstinence. But what happens when new members are not reading and exploring education threads but instead being invited to leave the forum's message boards and engage in one-on-one conversations within member profiles? What are the consequences of new members being encouraged to follow links within member profiles and leave the site altogether?
Management has grown concerned that education oriented threads are no longer being read as they were at MSN. We're concerned that a few of our members seem determined to transform Freedom into a wonderful social experience. While management fully understands the desire to want to let our hair down and relax once recovery's primary challenges are behind us, for every member arriving on Easy Street there's another enduring those first few critical days.
We're sorry, but we cannot allow Freedom to lose focus. Many of our members are battling to save their lives. After much discussion, the managers and directors of Freedom from Nicotine have voted to extend Freedom's Courtesies and Rules into Freedom member profiles. What this means is that Freedom membership is now conditioned upon each member's active Freedom Yuku profile fully complying with all Freedom Courtesies and Rules.
We ask that all members work with management to help ensure that Freedom provides the same serious focus that existed when you arrived. Again, it is normal to want this place to relax a bit more once we reach Easy Street but we hope each member fully understands why management cannot allow that to happen.
Please help us keep new members on the boards, engaged and learning.

Still just one rule ... no nicotine today!
Freedom's Management

Courtesies & Rules

Members are limited to one Freedom membership per lifetime. Continuing membership is conditioned upon compliance with the below forum Rules within all member posts and within their Freedom Yuku profile, and adherence to Freedom's Relapse Policy.

Forum Courtesies

SUPPORT - A support group is a two way street of both giving and receiving. There is no support without givers. It feels great when a post of support is acknowledged.

CRISIS POSTING - Post to Freedom's Support Request message board should you ever feel that your recovery is threatened. Don't head for an ashtray, a pack, any nicotine delivery device, a smoker or store. Head for Freedom and share a quick and simple post seeking help. Also, once the threat has passed be sure to immediately post back so that members are not left with the false impression that your crisis continues. Our Support Request message board should reflect the true current state of affairs.

POSTING TO CRISIS POSTS - Members are asked to immediately cease posting to any crisis thread once the member posts back indicating that the crisis has passed.

GIF OR IMAGE SIZE - Many members have very slow computer connection speeds. If the combined size of all the images on a thread page is too great, opening the page can take minutes and become very discouraging. Please limit the combined size of all images you use within any one post to a thread to about 20,000 bytes. Each thread page holds 15 posts. If all posts contained the maximum of 20k it would require members using slow dial-up modums to wait for 380k in images to open. Right click over any image and then click "Properties" to learn its size. Larger gifs can be reduced or resized at free sites such as

1ST POSTS/JOURNALS/DIARIES - We encourage new arrivals to make their initial post a permanent log and diary that not only allows you to quickly review and assess your recovery progress but will also allow Freedom's members to easily review your progress and render meaningful assistance. Remember, all member posts must relate to recovery whether on Freedom's message boards or on your Freedom profile page.

Forum Rules
RELAPSE PERMANENTLY REVOKES POSTING PRIVILEGES - Members are limited to one Freedom membership per lifetime. See Freedom's Relapse Policy.

MEDICAL ADVICE, MEDICATION, HERB, EXERCISE, OR DIETING RECOMMENDATIONS - Members are not permitted to render advice or make recommendations on these topics, whether on Freedom's message boards or on your profile page. If you have specific health concerns, medication or herb questions, or need exercise or dieting assistance, please seek the assistance of qualified professionals. Freedom is a nicotine cessation forum staffed entirely by cessation educators who are not physicians, pharmacists or dietitians.

HURT FEELINGS - MEMBER ATTACKS - Words on a screen are not always received in the same spirit and tone as intended. Most of us are not professional writers or skilled communicators. If you ever feel hurt, offended or concerned by any Freedom member post, comment or message please contact Freedom's managers at [][/url].

OPINION DEBATES - Freedom is a nicotine free Cold Turkey support group. We know who we are! Our message boards are for giving and receiving support. It is not a place to engage in debate over Freedom's approach to cessation, to attack or vilify those within the tobacco or pharmaceutical industry, or to debate our tough love approach to relapse, the merits of specific tobacco control measures, or any other topic that does not support nicotine cessation or prevention.

RELIGIOUS REFERENCES - Freedom's members come from the world stage where, whether we like it or not, serious religious conflict divides people, nations and regions. Religious divisions and debate are contrary to the unity and focus needed to foster the unconditional group cohesiveness needed to meet the education and support needs of all members. While members are free to mention or thank God or a higher power, references that identify a particular religion or that reference specific religious teachings are not permitted.

PROFANITY - Freedom is a family channel with teens and children around the world being encouraged to visit and learn what nicotine dependency is all about. Neither profanity nor implied profanity (missing letters) will be permitted. In marketing Freedom as a youth dependency teaching tool our definition of profanity is rather broad. Generally, if you would question or hesitate using the word while addressing a large group of ten-year-olds then we ask that you refrain from using it at Freedom. Please refer to our email welcoming you to Freedom for a sample list of prohibited words.

ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUGS - Freedom is a drug addiction recovery site. Some of our members have multiple drug dependencies which they may or may not have under arrest. Celebratory use references to alcohol or other drugs are not permitted. For example, we do not toast success at ending nicotine use by references to consumption of alcohol.

PERSONAL ISSUES - If any member ever feels that their quit is threatened by a factual situation then feel free to share the basic facts in your request for help. Posting details associated with personal issues, relationships, or controversial lifestyle choices or that express personal opinions on such issues as religion, gambling, drinking, drug use, marital problems, premarital or extramarital affairs, sexual orientation, sex, gun control, child rearing problems, caring for the elderly, politics, and a host of other real life issues, does nothing to promote Freedom's mission and is not appropriate. Such real life issues exist for all of Freedom's members. No one should ever feel that their inability to air such issues will in any way impede his or her ability to stay nicotine-free.

GENERAL SOCIALIZATION - Freedom's message boards (and member profile pages) are reserved for giving and receiving nicotine cessation support and not for general socialization or unrelated chatter. There are thousands of fun sites on the internet that are centered around socializing. Freedom is not a place to celebrate the birthdays of our thousands of members or to celebrate hundreds of national or religious holidays. Please help us keep Freedom a serious and supportive group that remains focused exclusively on the topic of freedom from nicotine.

SOLICITING OR SPAMMING - RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PROGRAMS, TAPES , BOOKS OR PRODUCTS - MENTIONING PRODUCT NAMES: Even though often well intended these practices are prohibited. Freedom from Nicotine is a totally free site with no purchases necessary. No post (or member profile page) may contain any product brand names or any product recommendations. However in that we are a nicotine dependency recovery forum, members may uset nicotine, tobacco or cessation product brand names.
USING OFFSITE LINKS OR POSTING ANY CONTENT FROM OTHER SITES - Links between threads, to WhyQuit, Joel's Library or Ask Joel are encouraged but all external links or copying of any content from web pages of others, including health information, news stories or studies, whether in messages or profiles, must first be cleared by a Freedom manager, who can be reached at [][/url]. In posting any approved materials, a link to the material's original source and any copyright information must always be included.

VIOLATIONS - Violation of the forum's Courtesies and Rules may result in permanent loss of membership and posting privileges.

Thank you,
Freedom's Staff

Contact: [][/url]


November 8th, 2009, 1:42 am #64

We're concerned that a few of our members seem determined to transform Freedom into a wonderful social experience. While management fully understands the desire to want to let our hair down and relax once recovery's primary challenges are behind us, for every member arriving on Easy Street there's another enduring those first few critical days.
We're sorry, but we cannot allow Freedom to lose focus. Many of our members are battling to save their lives.


October 8th, 2010, 12:59 am #65

From a reply found on Page 1 of this topic:

This is really an important string. I am embarrassed that I never read it quite thoroughly before. The real strength at Freedom is how it always stays focused on smoking cessation-even in the face of other major issues that may happen over time. I suspect at times people have areas in their lives that seem so important or so integral to their well being that they sometimes think that not smoking is of secondary importance. Or, sometimes a person may feel that they need to bring up personal problems at Freedom that seem of great importance to them because this is where they got so much help in what seemed such an insurmountable problem as quitting smoking. But such actions will dilute the power of Freedom.

What Freedom is so good at doing is getting a person who may be so distracted by other problems to come here and refocus their thoughts-that even in lieu of other big issues, not smoking still needs to still be given the utmost priority. The person's actual life depends on it.

A person's thought sometimes may be, "How can I quit smoking and not be able to discuss this lifestyle, personal issue, specific problem or belief which is so much an important part of my life right now?" This same question could be asked about issues involving things like family values, abortion, politics, religion, gambling, drinking, drugs, premarital or extramarital affairs, sexual orientation, gun control, child rearing problems, caring for the elderly and a host of other real life issues. Each and every one of our members does this everyday-we live our other areas of our life and deal with many issues of major importance and still reserve a little time at Freedom to focus on the importance of not smoking.

This same effort is crucial to sustaining a quit, while here at Freedom or even when people have moved on, keep not smoking a number one priority. To keep your Freedom, your health and your life always stay focused on the bottom line importance of knowing to never take another puff!