Freedom's Best Crave Coping Tips !

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March 27th, 2006, 10:38 am #81

Here are the ones that worked for me. Remember, everyone is different!
  • Read Read Read. For me, reading this site was like being in the shower. As long as I was reading, the urge to smoke - if it came at all - was short lived!
  • The deep breathing for sure - for me this was almost instinct. I did so much of it my first week I think I made myself dizzy 
  • Something I wish I had done better is plan for the blood sugar. I wish I was better prepared with small meals and juice. I had a tough time with that one - I used to go to lunch without food as a smoker, but at first in my quit I would get shakey at about 9 or 10 am and eat anything/everything in sight. As soon as I preped, I was fine.
  • Walk around for just 10 seconds. I'd literally just walk around my house outside with an urge. At work, I'd just walk around the halls like I was going somewhere important - up one stairwell, down the other. Urge gone!
  • The insomnia was crazy too. The best thing that worked for me was relaxation sounds/music CD on my nightstand. I pushed the "15 minute play" each time I woke up.
  • Print out the thread or info from whyquit that had the MOST impact on you (the one thing that hits you right in the gut when you read it). Keep it on you at all times - read it when your computer is not available.
  • Teeny-tiny victories. At first, it may be each hour, then it will become the most often trigger, then old sneaky triggers.
  • Create a mantra for yourself. I had a few that I would just say or think over and over again - especially when I got really mad. My biggest was NTAP. also included :"No one or nothing will make me smoke", "it's already a done deal, I don't smoke", "go away because it won't work", "nothing will change if I smoke".
Hope this helps someone!

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Also, see:
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"Just think about something else."
All from the Craves -Thoughts message board here at FFT.
Steve, 1Y,11M.
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Oranges - and lots of them:) I also found brushing my teeth after every meal was really helpful as those times were difficult for me initially. That minty taste is way better than the stinky dry throat and mouth we had as smokers!

When things got tough, I would repeat a few mantras over and over and over in my head until the crave passed, such as:

If I have a problem and choose to smoke - then I've got two problems.

I choose not to smoke because I want to be strong, fit and healthy.

Hope this helps!

Nikki - Free now for 108 days, happy, guilt free, proud and healing a little every single day:)

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I have read in a lot of posts, people asking what to do while driving as this seems to be a place we all liked to light up. In a world where smoking is so unacceptable, this for me was a safe haven for feeding my addiction. Now in my car, I have all my favorite CD's and when I am having a craving, I crank up one of my favorite songs and sing along. It takes my mind off smoking and also makes me feel happy and free.

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I never avoided my craves by thinking about something else or doing something else. I confronted the crave. I would think about the nasty biological addiction I had and I would remind myself that this chemically induced nicotine crave would go away in 3 minutes. It wasn't ME who wanted to smoke, I wanted to quit.

And I could survive 3 minutes! If I could handle talking to my mother for 20 minutes, then I could handle--wait a minute, the craving is gone! The cravings I had only lasted about 30 to 50 seconds (and sometines less) with this strategy and I have not had one in over a year. I think? Sorry, I can't remember.


It's so nice to be a non-smoker :) I'm so happy for everyone here!

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I have to agree with the shower tip. Another good one for me is a nice HOT relaxing bath.


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I don't smoke.
That's how I handle a crave.
Go away crave. I don't smoke and I never ever will smoke again. Not even a puff!

I can even get angry at the crave.
Tss Tss now go away. Just like you make a cat go away Tss Tss GO AWAY!!!!!
The crave goes away.(Takes 2/3 minutes normal but my craves are so scared they go away faster)

In the end I know at some point the craves will never come back. That's what I have learned here. NTAP is hammered in my head.

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February 6th, 2007, 11:23 pm #88

Complimenting other quitters. (don't want to be a hypocrite!)
Reading whyquit stories, sending positive thoughts to those who have passed and those who have lost.
Meditation. Even if I only do it for 5 or 10 minutes, the effects can last the rest of the day.
Yoga balancing poses. Settles your mind and makes you feel strong!
Accepting that my mind is made up. There's no need for a debate. I will not smoke.
And finally, this was fun, went to a language conversation exchange (for people who are trying to learn English as a second language. What a great way to shift gears in your mind!)

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Such great ideas from way back!

I love a bubble bath. So I picture myself relaxing in the tub surrounded by bubbles. I also just discovered peppermint tea. Very nice to sip on.

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I took a shower or bath when the craves were really bad.  I would also take a walk around the block.  Work out in my basement.  At work I'd take time to smell the smokers coming back in from their smoke breaks and be thankful that I don't smell like cigarette smoke.
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From above:

Don't Let Any Tip Become a Crutch

A crutch is any form of dependency recovery reliance that 
becomes so great that if removed could result in relapse.

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