Freedom's Best Crave Coping Tips !

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25 Jun 2004, 04:42 #61

I usually drop down and do some push ups, that or dips, or I run or something.

Exercising my way through a crave is also helping to keep my weight in check during the first couple weeks of my quit.

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16 Jul 2004, 08:56 #62

ImageThese are great ideas. Thanks for sharing. My fave. Now that my smeller works better the air seems to smell stale( maybe old cig smoke?) so I spray something. I like the " Pure Citrus" orange freshner best but in a pinch or for a change I'll spritz on some fresh perfume. Image

2M 3W without nicotine... thanks to you all & Freedom

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I stay busy! I haven't stopped for much more than sleep and food for two weks. I'm getting so much stuff done it's great! After that I just remember there is no such thing as one puff. That does it for me.
I have been quit for a little more than 13 days. I have saved $34.68 by not smoking 277 cigarettes (that's allot a smoke!). I have saved 23 hours and 5 minutes of my life. I WILL N.T.A.P. THERE CAN NEVER BE ONLY ONE!

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Okay, I have one. Next time you have a crave, find someplace where you can observe smokers (perhaps preferably from a distance). One woman in particular has been almost a blessing for me (and that is very selfish, but . . .). She goes outside to smoke as all smokers do and as she inhales she coughs and hacks that nasty wet mucousy cough. Then she takes another drag. I don't know--maybe this isn't a good coping technique, but it puts me right off!

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Yesterday I had the first real serious consideration to use tobacco that I have had since the first week of my quit.Sure there have been fleeting thoughts and urges but nothing like this on. I thought; "I will just get a can and have one chew" this time I was seriously considering it.

So.....I used Joel's wisdom and asked myself "Do you really want all the additional doses that goes with that first dose of nicotine?" and "The odds are stacked against you, in that you may never have another quit in you!" and the final weapon was "Is it worth it?"

That would be my tip, since it worked for me.
Kevin, NicFree & Luv'n It for 103 days. I quit chewing tobacco on 6/17/04, have not spent $516.70 on copenhagen.

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I just made it through week one myself but I hope this advice helps an even fresher newbie.
I read that thing on theWhyQuit site about how nicotine releases stored sugars and fat to your brain within seconds. (it's almost like slamming fat and sugar into your veins....mmmmmrrrgh - slurp - yum. Image A big part a the first few days of withdrawal is due to low blood sugar. That factiod saved me from smoking for the first 72 hours. I kept drinking juice and eating fruit in SMALL AMOUNTS almost as often as I would've smoked (once an hour at least) and saying to myself, "You can wait 20 minutes until this sugar kicks in just like every other normal person does. You are so used to instant gratification...anyone can wait 20 minutes." This was the easiest first week EVER. I've managed maybe 2-3 times in my life to make it a week or more but I remember it being HORRIBLE. Couldn't think/sleep/concentrate/feelSANE. AWFUL! This time was 80% better! Keep hydrated and eat healthy snacks like apples 'n stuff, it will make the first 3 days tolerable anyway.
Also: Look at all these people on Freedom who have made it! Doesn't it just blow your mind?
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When I get a crave, I keep saying to myself, remember, I don't smoke anymore. This works for me most of the time. I have also cut drinking straws and chewed on them or pretended I was smoking while driving in the car during the first few days. A friend who quit with me was having a bad day today. I made her a copy of the Stop Smoking Recovery Timetable with photos included at the end. This seemed to help her after we cried for awhile. Thanks again for all the info. You can do it! Barb

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I step out on the front porch and take af ew deep breaths of fresh air, or I busy myself making a cup of chamomile the time I have the cup of tea ready, the craving is gone.

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Today is my 12th day off . My Crave Coping Tips are :

1) Changing the phrase: "I must not smoke" into "I don't want to smoke.
2) Walking/Jogging
3) Drinking a glass full of water in slow sips
4) Taking a bubble bath with candles lit and listening to an audio book or nice music, wearing a face mask and a hair mask - good treatment :o)
5) going shopping ;o)

Stay Nicotine free and do not give up on yourselves: you are worth it!
Love Oxygentle

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I am "cleaner" than I ever have been in my life! Sometimes, when I am in the shower, I run the hot water tank empty! But, when I am at work or otherwise cannot take a shower, I have found something nice and low fat: Chocolate mint candy canes! They are also helping ease the withdrawal from "what to do with my hands." Yesterday, I even took my candy cane outside to the designated smoking area in the parking lot to wish my former smoking friends a Merry Christmas (on vacation now until next week.) I had to stand a good distance away from then though, as the smell was unbearable!

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