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05 Jan 2004, 23:21 #51

Congratulations to alll of our newbies for making the decision to TAKE YOUR LIVES BACK! And thank you all for reminding me what it felt like to be in the first week of withdrawal. I sure as heck NEVER want to go back to that! Here's a thread I thought you might enjoy...please feel free to add YOUR tips for meeting, greeting, and defeating those craves!

I know when I first started this battle I kept a rubber band around my wrist. Whenever the crave hit really hard, I would twist this band around in my fingers to help with that "I need to do something with my hands" feeling. Remember, celebrate your victories...and every crave beaten is a victory! Image


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Hi friends,

I am a newbie, but I have found a wierd thing that works for me.

I keep a small container of my favorite hand/body lotion in my fanny pack. (I have room for that now, because I'm not trying to jam in a packet of cigarettes!).Image

When I am visiting friends or family and I feel a craving, I pull my little container out and put some on my hands. I think this works for me because I like the smell. It's such a treat not to smell smokey hands.

I've been free for 1 week, 3 days, and nearly 2 hours. I'll NEVER take another puff!

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My favorite smoke of the day was always the one that I had when I first woke up. I would roll over, turn off the alarm, turn on the news and light a cig. I'd spend some time coughing up the **** that my lungs had cleaned out overnight and smoke my cig. My hubby would do the same and we would not speak or get near each other while we went through this routine.

Now that we both have quit, we roll over stretch and take a deep breath, turn on the news and snuggle while we wake up. So, I guess my coping tip is to spend some time close and snuggling with someone you love and enjoy the fact that you will be able to snuggle that much longer since you have added time to your life.

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23 Jan 2004, 05:39 #54

I'm sure this one is listed somewhere, but I like to take a brisk walk. I'm fortunate in that the company I work for has literally miles of hallways. When cravings hit, sometimes I'll just get up and go for a walk. If it's nice outside, I'll go for a walk outside. Stairs would probably work too, but we don't have any long flights of those in this building.

One other that I can think of that really works - coming here and reading. But then, if you're reading this, you already know that. ;)

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23 Jan 2004, 12:04 #55

There are several things that help me during a crave. Thankfully these are happening less often and are much less intense. One thing I do is wash my hands. For some reason that helps. If I am not where I can wash my hands, I have some great smelling lotion I put on. I like the smell and it gives me something to do. Shower definitely help a lot. I'm sure I could come up with more, but those are the main ones I have used almost daily to get me to this point. Hope that helps.

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Stomping around and huming a tune. By the time Im done with the song Im laughing so hard I forgot to smoke.


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cold cranberry juice also provides such a kick and gives a nice boost to blood sugar if i'm feeling particularly crabby; ice cold water has been working for me as well. both are great for killing any craves, they keep my mouth busy, and i can bring a bottle with me in the car.
i've also been brushing my teeth after i eat to reprogram my ritual of smoking after i have finished. who wants to smoke after having such nice breath?

Never take another puff.

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Change Something!
After day 3, I stopped dealing with physical cravings and was now dealing with psychological triggers -- though some psychological triggers certainly have their physical manifestations. Anyway, my brain takes cues from what I am doing and cues from the environment, compares them to my memory banks and says, "Time to smoke" when it finds similarities. Consciously changing something small seems to break most connections. I have done the following when experiencing a trigger:
  • Moved furniture in each room around slightly
  • Moved the plants
  • Driven a different route
  • Walked on the other side of someone I often walk with
  • Exit out a different door
  • Changed my purse
  • Rearranged the items on my desk
See what I mean? Even switching something from my left to right hand or vice versa when a trigger comes up helps disassociate it with the scene or event. You don't have to do it all the time. I drive a different route home from work once every week or two and the rest of the time I still don't think about smoking in my car any more. Our brains are amazing things.

NTAP! This is a great thread.

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I found cleanning something to be a good distraction. Clean a window or the glass on a painting near where you smoked and look at the brown smudges on the paper towel. Then think about that gunk on your lungs.

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Deep Breathing and healing appreciation. It's hard to believe how well it works for me.

Every day I can breath deeper and it may be my imagination, but these deep breaths "taste" sweeter in my healing lungs everyday. That might not make much sense but it works for me.

When a trigger hits, I take a deep breath, remember how it was to wake up that morning without coughing, and tell myself that if I give in and have a ****, I will lose the ability to take deep breaths and my morning cough will come back and just like that; the trigger passes and I go on living without smoking.

Also, as time passes, I find myself doing it more and more just for pleasure as my triggers become less and less frequent.

It'a great as a coping mechanism as it needs no special equipment to perform and you can do it anytime, anywhere. All you need is air and your own lungs.

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