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The best tip I have so far to cope with cravings is to write about it and read post and articles that make you understand how the addiction works and the symptoms and so on.

But when I cannot read or write, I try using my mind as time machine: I go back and forward in time.


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This is really the core of success in quitting smoking:

Never take another puff!!

It looks too simple, but it is the only rule that will allow you to beat nicotine addiction.

Yesterday I was in Paris, beautiful city in its complex architecture. I was going to enter in that bistrot and have a drink just before getting on the bus. The bistrot was populated by smokers of any kind: cigarettes, cigars or pipe.
My first reaction was: I am not going in there!
Then I decide to sit at a table outside the bistrot.

I was still a bit concerned by all the smokers inside and outside the bistrot. Ordered a soft drink and spend a few minutes admiring the buildings sorrounding the square.
When I left, I was to the number of cigarettes I would smoked if I was sitting at that table just a couple of weeks before.
This time I had none, even though smokers were around me.
NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF is the rule and this will set you FREE.

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Hello Rose:

Sunflower seeds are not that particularly low in calories. One ounce worth which can easily be eaten in a serving would be 162 calories. Lets day you "treat" yourself to one serving a day at one ounce each as a kind of crutch replacement to quitting smoking. In one month you would have consumed 4,860 extra calories which will translate to almost 1.4 pounds of fat. In one year this replacement behavior if not stopped would translate to over 16 pounds of extra fat. Be careful with food as a substituted behavior, no matter how natural the food may be.

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I still consider myself new at my quit sence Ive only been off nicotine 6 weeks, when I first stoped smoking I wasen't one who had alot of cravings ..the withdrawls were mild and now I have very,very few, Infact I cant think of any Ive had today , anyway, back to ways to get through cravings. at first when I did expereance some the best thing I did for myself was take a deep breaths and exhale slowley, it sure helped me. Billie

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I don't think I have ever replied to this thread. If I have or if this trick is already in here somewhere, it bears repeating anyway. My wife has a ten-year old cocker spaniel. In the early days of my quit, I would sit with the dog in my lap and rub its head.

I'm talking for hours. I purt near rubbed the hide off that old dog in the first couple of weeks. She must have liked it, though. Didn't complain much. Petting an animal is very calming. Try it for your next crave. It's also low-calorie. :-)


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Hi - Gina here. I'm SUCH a newbie it's unbelieveable BUT - what I've been doing, today and yesterday, because I get cravings ALL the time at this point, I do one of two things, I'll either take a bath, I have this aromatherapy stuff for my bath and I'll sit there and I have a motivational CD on quitting smoking I'll listen to why bathing OR if I don't have time for the bath, I'll grab one of my kids, (they're so cute!!!) and sit and kiss and hug and squeeze them for definitely more than 3 minutes. If the craving is REALLY bad, I'll do both!!!!! Image

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I have really hard time in the car so I keep a wad of silly putty in the ashtray of my car. When I get a craving I grab the silly putty and just work it with my hands. Believe it or not it's very relaxing and and helps take your mind off your crave.

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The thing that work best for me and why I think they do:

1. HAVE A DEEP BREATH. Produces a natural reward feeling and remembers me my lungs. As Joel has said, this one is the only we always will have at hand.

2. DRINK A GLASS OF WATER. Produces a natural reward feeling and remembers me of my digestive system.

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Wheneve I sense a crave I use this simple but effective (with me) system , I hope I can help you too.
In my mind I count how many stinksikarettes I would have smoked today starting from the first one at 8:00 just out of bed, the second at 8:15 with my cappuccino, the third at 8:30 checking my e-mail, the fourth at 9:00 walking to the station, the fifth at 9:20 while waiting for the train, the sixth at 10:00 when I get off the train .......
by 12:00 O`clock I am SO Happy I QUITImageand do not need to TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER AGAIN!
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I'm a newbie so not all that ready to be giving instead of receiving advice but I picked a song, Walk On by U2 and if I'm home or in the car I pop it in a sing it as loud as I possibly can (which I can do better now) and repeat if I feel necessary. Pick an anthem and use it!