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Subconscious use cue extinguishment
Jerm (Gold)
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22 Jan 2002, 13:47 #31

If all else fails, I just hold on until it's time to go to bed. Once in bed and sleeping I don't have anything to worry about because that is 8 hours of not smoking in the bag, no problem!!! Didn't even have to try to not smoke for that 8 hours.

Good Times

Jay Girl
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23 Jan 2002, 22:06 #32

Thank you for the tip John. I feel so good! Today is day 7. I have never had such resolve about anything in my life. I believe the reason is, I feel I am saving my life --- Literally. I am really looking so forward to the day that cigs do not pop into my head every 30 minutes. But the crave only last a minute. I have been taking deep breaths and blowing the hair out my mouth. This seems to always work. Hang in there everyone, and never take another puff. Have a great smoke free day.

Jay Girl

OBob Gold
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24 Jan 2002, 14:24 #33

Aha! I wondered what ever happened to my little list of relaxation / crave coping techniques. Knew it must have gotten moved, but never knew where to until now. ANYhoo, I'll add the following:

Sometimes a crave can become worse when I let it frighten me. If I turn away from it, and fear it's power. Because, at the end of the day, I think when you do this, you give power to the crave. A crave often ISN'T really that powerful, if you have the courage to stare it down.

Acknowledge it. Set it down in front of you. Ask yourself, what is this really? Do I really CRAVE a cigarette? Or is this just anxiety, and I remember how anxiety used to cause my nicotine level to drop, and how feeding my body more nicotine used to offset the withdrawals? How long is this lasting? Heck, count the seconds. I still feeling like I was 30 seconds ago? Is it better? Worse? If I simply denied it, would it still be here in 5 minutes? How strong is it? If I rate this feeling, at this second, how does it compare with the one I had yesterday at 2pm on a 1-10 scale? How many 10s have I had over the past 24 hours. What other answers can I come up with to deal with this anxiety attack, if that's what it is?

What I tend to discover is that it's not as bad as my junky wants to pretend it is. It doesn't last as long as my junky wants to pretend it's going to. And, when I really think about it, I DON'T WANT TO SMOKE; but my junky remembers that that alleviated a different kind of anxiety before, and hasn't learned that anxiety comes from all different types of places (not just nicotine withdrawal), and that there are other ways to deal with this anxiety.

Nicotine's effect on withdrawal is like the effect you have when you put a large log on a campfire. When you first put the log on, the fire dims, and smolders. But a few minutes later, it's raging again. Logs don't put out fires -- they feed them -- ditto nicotine and withdrawal.

Okay, enough of this. I can see I'm starting to go off on tangents again....

GrumpyOMrsS (Gold)
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21 Feb 2002, 12:02 #34

Imagefor our earlier where someone suggested toothpicks. Toothpicks are the leading cause of choking. careful!!

Roger (Gold)
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13 Mar 2002, 05:31 #35

As I have stated in a couple of my posts my quit this time has been very easy for me. I did have some cravings but not the ones I had anticipated prior in my mind. None the less I did have cravings but not as many or not as intense as most experience. A few come to my mind, mostly within the first week or so that were intense enough for me to remember.

Getting to the point, (something I haven't mastered my whole life) I would use my mind to create an atmosphere that was pleasant for me, where I never smoked. In my mind I would re-live that experience from the start to however long my crave went. My favorite pastime is Fly Fishing for Steelhead. These fish can exceed 20-30 pounds. They are nothing but rainbow trout that migrate to the ocean after a couple years in the rivers and spend 2 or 3 years in the ocean and come back to the rivers to spawn. Since I know exactly how these fish take a fly, I would imagine my line shooting out in the current, mending the line once and steering my line through the drift. Towards the end of the drift as the fly starts to slow and just kind of hang there I feel the tug of a fish taking the fly. This can be as gentle as could be or very aggressive. My line would tighten and this large fish would drift to the surface, not sure what was happening to it. As it realized it was not free anymore it would begin its struggle to set itself free. There is nothing in the world that compares to the fight of one of these fish. I would feel every run, visualize every jump and splash. To land one of these fish usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes or so. I visualized landing this creature and slipping the hook from its mouth. I would admire its beauty and let it slip from my hand back into the depths of the river where it emerged from.

This type of mental relaxation worked for me every time. Possibly it may help someone the same as me. Let me know sometime.


Loving my quit more and more each passing day.

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murphying (Gold)
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13 Mar 2002, 08:42 #36

I find I can kind of 'relax' into a crave - don't quite know how to describe it...kind of like smiling right in it's face!! Maybe I should try that fishing one - this is for Roger and John..
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NevadaGal Gold
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23 Mar 2002, 08:57 #37

This is for Jebels, and since I am here I will post my favorite tips also...

I am still 'forgetting' I quit... It usually only takes a reminder to myself (and I make sure this reminder does not become a debate, I keep it an affirmation!)

If a quick reminder does not work, I go outside and scream as loud as I can for as long as I can and when I am done I feel out of breath, light headed and my throat is sore... just like if I had smoked a cigarette! Of course this is without any of the long term effects. (I live in the country where no one will call the police because of blood curdling screams coming from a neighbors house every 30 minutes or so : ).

One of my favorite ways to deal with a crave is to take a deep whiff off my clothes and smell the springy freshness... (this is not quite as noticeable to the neighbors, and does not wear a person out after the fourth or fifth time in a day!) (I read this off another post and thought it was a great idea!)

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katieque (silver)
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23 Mar 2002, 09:17 #38

I just incorporated a new technique yesterday that really seems to help me. When I'm driving and see another smoker which I now seem so much more aware of, I take a deep breath and say "Ahhhh much better" The fresh air, even if I'm behind a bus is so much better than the carbon monoxide. nicotine and all the other garbage I was putting in before. Simple but effective for me.

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12 Jun 2002, 01:50 #39

This may seem a little strange but when I start getting a little crave I remember
a insentdent that I witnessed when I was 1 week smoke free; My wife and I were
sitting in a resturant in the no smoking section. I looked out the window and across the street is a sandwich shop. As I was looking a young women came out looking like she worked there. (she had on an apron) She proceeded to light up a smoke.
She must have stood out there for 5min. when a person I think was her boss comes out and pointed at the cigerette talking too her. She throws down the smoke and angrly starts walking back into the building!
Her boss pointed at her and then at the ground said something to her, then she bent over and picked up her butt she threw down by the door, and walked inside.
About 15 minutes she came back out and had her jacket on with her purse in her hand and walked off mad!
I told my wife she probely got fired for smoking on the job. Thats when I told my wife how insane it was to do that when you know its against the rules! She looked at me and said "Theres no doubt in my mind, that would have been you a week ago!"
I looked at her and smiled! What I wouldn't do to feed my addiction!!

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12 Jun 2002, 02:38 #40

Hi John...

My Techniques for Coping when that Crave Comes Along???

O.K... Here we go...

Rub-offs like Crosswords, Crossword Puzzles, Playing games in the internet, bingo, any kind of game to keep my mind off of things...

Watching TV... Always Deverts my mind...


(7+ weeks)
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