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Welcome to Freedom, a support group dedicated to educated cold turkey nicotine dependency recovery. Prior to applying to join, it is critical that you read: (1) The Law of Addiction (2) Our Mission Statement (3) Relapse Policy and (4) Rules.
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Congratulations DennyB2. You have been very supportive. Also- Nice to know my support is so local. (I am in Albany NY)
Enjoy your management position.

Green on Aug.26th.

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First, please allow me to Thank John, Sal, Robin and Suzie for inviting me to join the management team. It is an honor to have the chance to help others Free themselves of active addiction to this awful drug Nicotine.
I have myself benefitted from all the work that has been done here by the founders and managers that have worked so hard before me. This community is singularly dedicated to the abrupt cessation of the use of the drug Nicotine and the benefits derived from doing so is told over and over on these Feedom boards.
Please read the stories so selflessly shared by Nicotine addicts from around the world and you will soon realize there are people here who understand what you are experiencing regardless of where you are in your quit. You do the work of staying Free of Nicotine and we will support you every step of the way.
I also want all of you to know that I will do my best to fulfill my responsibilities in my new role here Freedom.
I truely appreciate your congratulations and encouragement.
This thread should be read from start to finish by everyone participating here. It is a history lesson and should give everyone who reads it a better appreciation of how a few brave souls ventured out into cyberspace and created a place that has saved countless people their lives.
Please do not use this thread to congratulate me subsequent to this post but again I encourage all of you to read through all of it.
For those of you that are new here get used to hearing:
Attitude is everything, keep it positive, move forward and live life to its fullest. NTAP!
YQB - Denny B - 888 days FREE

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Getting Around

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This thread has remained hidden in our MSN archives and neglected long enough. Time to revive it, restore at least some of the missing images and bring it current. But where to start. This first post was posted at our old MSN website on 10/24/08 and provides a bit of history:

Freedom will be moving to a new home!

You may have already read news that MSN is closing down MSN Groups in February 2009. If so, please don't panic. Everything will be fine. We are now in the process of investigating our options. We will do all we can to make the move as easy as possible. As you may know, New Years is our busiest time of the year. Our goal is to have Freedom's move complete by then.

Our primary concern right now is finding a way to migrate Freedom's more than 359,000 archived member posts to a new home. While MSN is providing the ability to move (migrate) MSN Group threads and posts to a new host website that it has chosen, we are hoping to locate a message board hosting platform that offers features and functions closer to those provided here at MSN Groups.
We would love to hear from you if you have the knowledge and skills necessary to migrate message threads between differently formatted message board platforms. Also, drop us a line if you know of a message board hosting platform or site that you think fits nicely with Freedom's needs. We'll see it gets considered.

We'll keep you posted on developments. Our deep and sincere thanks to MSN for giving us a free home since September 1999. Thank you! Still just one rule ... no nicotine today!

Freedom's Management Team

This message is located on the
Getting Around message board

The Move
Well, as MSN's closing date neared we settled on a new host, Yuku, and began building "Freedom from Nicotine." At Yuku we could control advertising to a major degree (by buying it off) but lost our "All Topics" board which allowed members to follow all activity on all 22 message boards by looking at a single board. Migration of 346,941 old MSN posts to Yuku appeared to be an impossible task and it was. But Yuku was the best migration offered by any host. Sadly a number of our old MSN boards had grown so large that some were simply too big, old and tangled to capture. This Yuku support message board thread documents our frustrations and stuggle to move threads here to our new home before MSN pulled the plug.

Prior to MSN's Feburary 2009 shutdown we worked hard replacing as many images in migrated threads as time permitted. Once MSN pulled the plug all old MSN based images disappeared and links within migrated threads no longer functioned. Frankly, we will spend the next year or so repairing as many threads as time permits. In most cases we have no way of knowing what image went with what post, so we simply delete old HTML image box codes but in some cases we do!

Our thinking with the new site was to broaden focus to Freedom from all forms of nicotine delivery, not just smoking or tobacco. With scores of new nicotine products hitting the streets, if we follow the nicotine we'll continue hitting the problem head-on.

We thank each of you for your patience and cooperation this past half year. We know the site isn't yet as user friendly as our old home but continue working to make it so. All suggestions are truly appreciated. If you are an old still nicotine-free member from MSN who has not yet joined us here we'd love to have you!!! Oh, at the top of our main page is a link entitled This link allows you to view all new messages posted during the past 24 hours . It's a search work-around that does a fair job at imitating our old "All Topics" message board as it shows all recent posts to all boards.

Whether here or there, there was always only one rule ... no nicotine today!

Breathe deep, hug hard, live long,

John (Gold x10)

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Staff Announcements

We thank both Robin Sathaye, Freedom's first manager from India (Manager 2007-2009), and Dennis Blasch from the U.S. (Manager 2008-2009) for their service to Freedom, and today welcome Joseph Savastano, also from the U.S., as the forum's newest manager. Joseph joins Sallie and Suzie in helping mold this Yuku clay into an even more effective recovery tool. We also thank Marty for volunteering to update Freedom's color clubs and to all who helped salvage MSN images and parades during the move. Also Freedom's co-founder, Joanne, has been busy putting together a WhyQuit facebook. Without these dedicated givers our forum would not have the recovery impact potential it now clearly has the ability to command. Together we can and are making a difference! As Roger reminds us, "yes we can!"

Still just one rule ... none!

John (Gold x10)

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Welcome, Joseph Savastano, to the FREEDOM STAFF!
I am so glad I took the lengthy time to read all this post. I am so impressed in the way whyquit became and how it has grown. I am also very impressed with the backgrounds of the people who have given their time to thousands of people like me, A Nicotine Addict. This place is priceless and that is an understatement. Today I am a quitter! I have quit smoking that drug called nicotine and all the other chemicals it carries with it. We do deserve to be the way we came into the world and even though I have had some tough days, I would not go back to smoking that drug. I am proud to say
I am a recovering nicotine addict.
Thanks to all who give and have given their time to help me stay clean!
I am actually feeling some growing up pains and it is such a great reminder that nicotine is no longer in my system! woo hoo!!
I have saved 6 days of my life back!

Ann - Free and Healing for One Month, Twelve Days, 12 Hours and 50 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 6 Days and 1 Hour, by avoiding the use of 1741 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $505.92.

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Staff Announcement

We're pleased to announce that today, October 11, 2009,
JoeJ from the U.S. joined Freedom's Staff as a Manager.
A long-term giver here at Freedom, JoeJ broke free on 1/10/05


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