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Welcome to Freedom, a support group dedicated to educated cold turkey nicotine dependency recovery. Prior to applying to join, it is critical that you read: (1) The Law of Addiction (2) Our Mission Statement (3) Relapse Policy and (4) Rules.
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10 Feb 2001, 01:15 #31

As they said in the movie...if you build it they will come! I'm at five days completely nicotine free and the information found here at this site has been just amazinly helpful. I would never have made it through day one and especially day two except for the commitment I made when joining to remain completely nicotine free for seven days. Thanks for the inside look into how this site came into being and has developed and progessed to what we find freely given to us all here. No more "soap boxes" will be needed...

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16 Feb 2001, 20:42 #32

This string gives a good history of how Freedom got to where we are today. We are an ever changing and growing board, both in number of members as well as how we operate. With so many new people coming in over the last few months we thought it would be a good time for you to see who we are and how we got here. We are currenly going to make some other procedural changes here, this post will give a good overview of how these policies are acted on and give some past perspective of how we do survive and flourish during times of change.

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16 Feb 2001, 22:47 #33

very interesting. I have been here just over a year. It is interesting to note the differences between then and now. You've come a long way baby. No pun intended lol


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04 Apr 2001, 13:19 #34

Dear Joanne, Joel, and Zep;
Thank you for the ongoing effort that each of you make to these two companion sites, and Freedom From Tobacco.
But also, thank you for your commitment to your truth when surrounded by bad science, ill-informed
traditional medicine run amok with pharmaceutical t.v. ads passing for reality. You measured truth with results, not hype. You changed as the sites grew to keep the integrity of your vision.
Lastly, thank you for your dipolmacy and gentleness towards each other that ensured that the three of you could work together to create a site that was here for me to learn how to educate myself to never take another puff.

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04 Apr 2001, 15:26 #35

Words are not enough for the gratitude felt towards all of you. Thank You very much for this site :Joel , Joanne and Zep.

Three months, four days, 20 hours, 38 minutes and 47 seconds. 1328 cigarettes not smoked, saving $265.61. Life saved: 4 days, 14 hours, 40 minutes.

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06 Apr 2001, 01:07 #36

Oooops, Victoria, I see you have already been here. I'll bring this thread up again for our newest family members. Also, a special thanks to GrumpyOMrs/Linda, she is a manager here as well and works quietly on a daily basis. Just don't mess up, she is like everyone's caring hurts her if we don't take our journey seriously.Image

Thanks Freedom. Enjoy the gets better with every new day!

Michael I Quit
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06 Apr 2001, 09:57 #37


This truley INSPIRATIONAL ,It is because of people like you and us who make it possible for us to keep smoke free.The group has been a blessing for me with all the other things going on in my life and i am sure in all the rest of our lifes also it has been a great help in the day to day cravings and what not.I thank you and all my BROTHERS & SISTERS


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11 Apr 2001, 08:17 #38

I found Freedom when I was frantically looking for something to distract me from the craving that I was feeling while still using the patch. I have to say, it saved me and helped me to keep my conviction until I left the patch altogether. I actually started the process in early March and went through extensively prolonged withdrawal. Now, thanks to Freedom, I've had my first birthday nicotine and smoke free in 20 years. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the work you've put into this site.

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20 Apr 2001, 19:25 #39

I cant believe how everyday I find info to reinforce my decision not to ever puff again! I also had know for years that I needed to quit and just never had the nerve to take the step. I thought I would fail anyway. Been smoking way to long to quit .etc. etc.. I thank God I found this place and have probably used it more than my fair share. I am almost 44 and have smoked for 31 years. I am a newbie ( 2w 2d ) and dont know enough to help others but I feel like its a battle for life and I am a soldier (private) . It has got a little easier day by day . It just seems like what ever motivation I need for that moment I find it . I appreciate the time and effort all of you put into this site and I am gonna do my part to pay you for your time and trouble. I am gonna be one of the stats that -- 1st time tryed-- cold turkey--never to puff again. THANKS TO YOU ALLImage

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23 Jun 2001, 02:15 #40

ImageWe haven't see this thread for a month.
For our newbies.

ImageHave a great weekend!