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Welcome to Freedom, a support group dedicated to educated cold turkey nicotine dependency recovery. Prior to applying to join, it is critical that you read: (1) The Law of Addiction (2) Our Mission Statement (3) Relapse Policy and (4) Rules.
Bolko J
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08 Sep 2000, 23:03 #21

Hello Joanne, Joel, Nancy, Zep and others:
for bringing my life back.
P.S. Jola quit "by herself", without Fredom support, but she loves this site as well.

nomadfaerie gold
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14 Oct 2000, 15:24 #22

Hi Guys -

It's so late now that I can't possibly comment on this to the extent that I'd like to (and as you might have already observed, I do like to comment), so I will reserve that for another time. But I could not let this pass without sayng at least "Wow!" and "Thank You!"

What a great article! My impression about the structure and hx of Freedom was a lot different, including my impression of the individuals who are devoted to carrying this on. You guys are even more awesome than I originally imagined!

Thank you for this and good night!



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25 Oct 2000, 01:53 #23

Thank you for this wonderful site Joanne, Zep, Joel... this has probably saved so many lives. Ever since I found this site a little over a week ago, I have been totally addicted (better that than nicotine, huh?) But I have wondered who was doing this and why, and now I really know who to thank.

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26 Oct 2000, 02:34 #24

This is wonderful, is this history also available thru a link on the site? I realize this thread is getting a bit long but wanted it on top for new joiners to read! Thank you Zep, Joanna, Joel and assistants for your support and hard work on this site!

Nora (Gold)
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30 Oct 2000, 01:58 #25

Joel, that is great. Maybe we could all recommend this site to our Doctor's. It could make a tremendous difference.
Thanks again, Zep, for starting this thread.

mirigirl (silver)
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03 Jan 2001, 00:53 #26

Thanks guys - Zep is there a link to this history on your website? - sorry I'm still figuring out how it all works - but this history seems really important! Of course it makes so much sense now -like the penny has just dropped - If I'm a nicotine addict then the last thing I need is nicotine in my system! THANK YOU FOR THE COLD TURKEY CONCEPTImage Maz

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06 Jan 2001, 19:50 #27

Image Since we have so many new members over the past week, thought I would bring this up to give some background to who we all are and how we got to where we are today. As you have seen, Freedom evolved over time. As we got more and more experience, we started to get a better sense of how to help people in a virtual world. We had a few growth spurts with growing pains.

First when we went to an exclusive cold turkey site, then when we went to a private site where membership applications were required. Both moves caused many people to at first be angered because we were trying to set up a more exclusive membership. But we were not trying to be elitists, looking for richer, stronger, smarter, better, or not even nicer people. We were not trying to set up a site that was even appealing to one country or continent.

We were trying to establish a site that disseminated real concrete quit information and support that we saw from ongoing experience was working to help more people quit. Not necessary the largest number of people, there are bigger sites with more people. But we were trying to set up a site that had a higher percentage of people who joined actually succeed. We wanted the absolute maximum percentage of people to succeed at quitting as possible. We truly see this as a fight for health and a fight for very life.

There are two aspects of our site that we believe help us accomplish this goal. First, the cold turkey methodology, which minimizes the time period that people experience physiological withdrawal. While mass media advertising makes it look like other methods are superior, if one looks in their real world of family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances they will almost always find that the long-term quitters (one year plus) they encountered through their lives the vast majority of the times had quit cold turkey.

The second factor that makes us unique and controversial in many circles is our relapse prevention policy. The one that Zep labeled as tough love policy in an earlier post today. Most professional literature ever produced on smoking cessation has advice in it with a variation of the statement, "Don't let a slip put you back to smoking." We feel that comment makes as much sense as telling an alcoholic not to let a drink put you back to drinking," or a heroin addict, "don't let a little injection put you back to using," or for a more graphic depiction, "don't let unprotected sex with a HIV infected individual or a person with other kinds of sexually transmitted disease let you get pregnant or infected."

These messages are ridiculous. The message should not be don't let these transgressions follow their natural tendency to result in major consequences, the message needs to be don't allow yourself to do these things because natural consequences are likely going to happen. In other words instead of saying "don't let a slip put you back to using," the message needs to be, "DON'T SLIP!" There is no slipping, or cheating, or just, or puff, or accident, or mistake. These words need to be thrown out of your vocabulary when used in conjunction toward smoking or any drug addiction. They all mean RELAPSE!

While the above paragraph may anger many, we believe that it is the real make or break point of understanding that is going to make this quit the last quit any of you will ever have to experience. It all translates to what runs through every piece of material I have produced in the last 30 years of working with people quitting. First in face to face live encounters, and now in the virtual world setting here at Freedom. If you want to quit smoking and stay nicotine free over the duration of your life, always remember to never take another puff!


selpel shelley
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09 Feb 2001, 10:22 #28

Image My, aren't the staff busy little bees!!!!! Glad I found this place--this thread is veryyyyy interesting--as are most of the manager posts---glad you all got it in your head to start this place---I quit so many times before and this is the first time I KNOW I will make it---got the determination of knowing what Nic was doing to me and my life---I WILL NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!!!! Education about my addiction makes all the difference in the world!!!

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09 Feb 2001, 10:46 #29

ZEP, JOEL, and JoANNE!!!
YOU are the most wonderful people on earth!! ((hmmm..okok... maybe some may have a difference of opinion ...**smile**))
I happened across this site by mistake??? Not sure..... I saw it on the side of my msc. homepage... "Quit Smoking" ..I thought... "heck, why not check this out..." I did .. I wrote .. I got a reply from John... we exchanged emails... I found my way to Freedom... Life has never been so strange... I quit on the 2nd of January but was not sure I would be able to really **go all the way...** (( hmmm...**snicker**))
here it is over a month... I am **eternally** grateful.... thank you!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!
may the gods and godesses shine down on you, ALL, and make your world full of sunshine and love!!!
One month, six days, 14 hours, 26 minutes and 43 seconds. 940 cigarettes not smoked, saving $213.86. Life saved: 3 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes.

improud (golder)
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09 Feb 2001, 21:36 #30

ImageDITTO NYPAM. Thanks Freedom/ Founders you're the greatest. I too am now "addicted" to this site. Much better than smoking!Image