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Welcome to Freedom, a support group dedicated to educated cold turkey nicotine dependency recovery. Prior to applying to join, it is critical that you read: (1) The Law of Addiction (2) Our Mission Statement (3) Relapse Policy and (4) Rules.
bear (Golden)
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11 Aug 2000, 07:08 #11

This needs to go to the top. I can't say how appreaciative I feel of people like all of you who can care enough to tough it out and take so much of your time and energy to help others. Thanks for helping me to have the success I feel so far in this quit. I really feel this time I will never take another puff. The support from this group is powerful!!!

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11 Aug 2000, 13:20 #12

WOW! Reading all of this has been great. Actually being able to see pictures of those I've come to care about so much be- cause they were willing to reach out to a smoker who wanted to quit. Oh, how I remember the first post I recieved after my first 24 hours. It was so up lifting and encouraging. And what was funny was that the first 24 hrs was rough. I was ready to cave in. But after reading that post I knew I wasn't in this alone. Their were others here that knew and understood exactly were I was at. It gave me the strenght to go on. It wasn't to please the managers or asst, it's because they helped me to see the self esteem that I had in myself to continue. What a blessing and ex ample they've been for me. I would like to take the time to say Thank-you to each and everyone of you. Your hugs, and tough love have been great. I consider it a blessing to be a part of this big and growing family of "Freedom From Smoking". And just to let you know that you have my total support in this forum. I'm like the rest of you. I enjoy helping others but most of all I enjoy seeing the nicodemon defeated in the lives of nicotine addicts as they realize for themselves that they have a problem. For myself I never knew I was an addict. But I am. And I will " Never Smoke Again". Deb I have been Quit for: 2M 3W 23h 50m 15s. I have NOT smoked 3319, for a savings of $461.44. Life Saved: 1W 4D 12h 35m.

quitting in Alaska
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11 Aug 2000, 13:41 #13


Thanks for the background, Zep, Joanne, and Linda. It is great to hear the stories and to know how Freedom got started. I know I am new and may not have all the right words and advice. But....receiving and sending mail to all of freedom's members has carried me (and others) through a tough addiction. Thanks for the support, and thanks for being there when we need you,Zep,Joanne, Linda, Joel, and all the members of the freedom family. By the way where is Suz, I miss her.

Nancy in Alaska

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11 Aug 2000, 14:37 #14

I must add my thanks to everyone elses.. Its amazing how things this unfold and grow. Tears streaming down my cheeks as I read, feeling proud of total strangers, thier struggles and accomplishments are to be shouted from the roof tops.


Nora (Gold)
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11 Aug 2000, 22:00 #15

This is TERRIFIC ! Thanks Zep & Joanne for starting FREEDOM and sharing your personal information with us. Joel, your Library is the best. I need to keep on rereading it. Linda, the old one? You've got a long way to go baby!!! The rest of the staff & friends are the greatest also.


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12 Aug 2000, 09:53 #16

Wow, I am glad to see the whole history written out so clearly. Sorry I was gone the days it was buzzing. For my background I am attaching my personal home page here. I noticed the links to my library seem to be down. On the bottom of my homepage is an alternate link to the library, under the button labeled reinforcement materials. I hope this fills in any blanks of information, although I think Zep did a good job at capturing our history and more important our present and future goals.

Hang in there everyone. The way to do it is simple...Never Take Another Puff!


My homepage with current links to the library:

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R b rt
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15 Aug 2000, 00:04 #17

Hello all . . . I noticed a few more "newbies" today and just thought I'd post to this message to get it back up top !!!

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bear (Golden)
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23 Aug 2000, 08:06 #18

Just had to bring this back. Too important for anyone here to miss!

Still enjoying my honey! Barry

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And proud of it!

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23 Aug 2000, 08:40 #19

What a wonderful post. We must keep this on top so everyone gets to read it. It brought tears to my eyes as it has for othersa to.

Thank you wonderful FREE people for caring for us. It's so terrific being able to put faces to the names.


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08 Sep 2000, 19:56 #20

This has been a VERY enjoyable thread...and...Zep...I think that Jay's the one with all the hair! (Sorry, had to say it) Thanks to all of you for sharing your lives to help others live theirs. GJ