For members not celebrating an important milestone today...

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01 Apr 2013, 14:09 #61


Today is the most important day so far.
Baby steps, just here and now, yes you can!

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Thanks for posting this link on my journal.  It makes sense, this is my quit and my journey, I am celebrating every minute, every hour, every day for the rest of my life I will forever be celebrating saving my own life.  
thanks again Joel.

Judy Anderson
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Thank you for sending me to this link and for the reminder that every day is a great day if I NTAP!!!!!!Image

1 month 3 weeks 5 days 49 minutes without nicotine
not smoked 1680 cigarettes
saved $756
and celebrating

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Three years smoke free and this is still one of my favorite reminders.  I know I'll never go back.  I've been tested and I know that I don't need them.  I'll trust those who have tried it that there's no such thing as "just one".  Why risk it?
Sometimes I forget to celebrate a day, but hardly a day goes by that I am not happy and proud that I finally reclaimed my freedom from nicotine.
Every day is a victory over my past.

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You got me!  But I see I'm not the only one.  I was just curious as to what you would call someone celebrating an hour of freedom.  This journey isn't easy and every challenge must be celebrated and remembered so the ex-smoker can recall the excitement and embrace the next one.

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Hi Joel

Thank you so much for the reminder, it is a very powerful one.

Joel Spitzer
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