For members not celebrating an important milestone today...

John (Gold)
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31 Jul 2003, 08:12 #11

Isn't even one hour of not pumping 4,000+ chemicals into these bodies worthy of celebration! Congratulations!! The next few minutes are doable! Only one rule, no nicotine today - Never Take Another Puff! John (Gold)
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Thank you Joel for reminding that every day is a victory. I needed your words. I have completed 50 days after that feeling of celebration for every day is not necessary but it is not true. I am always in danger and so every day if i am free i must be proud and celebrate to keep commited for tomorrow. I was not geting daily digest from few days. So today I found the needed words form you online. I really need your words of support. Daily digest I don't why i am not gettin in my email.
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Alleen Golden
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Thank you Joel. I feel for this one too... You are very right about this. Each day that we don't smoke is a celebration. Thanks for reminding us about this. Image I think you must be able to read our minds...Image


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Thank you Joel. What a great message at a great time. I thought to myself when reading your post "For members not celebrating an important milestone today..." That I have not celebrated a milestone as of yet. I'm still waiting to be Green!!
Thank you for reminding us that every day is a milestone. Image
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27 Mar 2004, 22:53 #15

Woo hoo

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 14 hours, 48 minutes and 27 seconds (17 days). I have saved £59.45 by not smoking 264 cigarettes. I have saved 22 hours of my life.

I will never take another puff - one day at a time

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28 Mar 2004, 00:46 #16


Joel, sometimes you take me by surprise with your sense of humour. Thanks!And it's very true. Every non-smoking day is a Victory!

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Fong KK
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29 Mar 2004, 14:29 #17


Thanks for this reminder.
I needed the education to quit and stay quit.

Say that again Kay !, Every non-smoking day is a Victory! Image


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Thank you, Joel, for this important message: every day that I don't smoke is a special and significant day.

I remember when I used to say to myself: "I wish I didn't smoke". And now, that magical, longed for, dream day is a reality.

However, I did have a milestone yesterday -- the quit meter informed me that I had saved one day of my life. What a gift that was -- an extra day of being alive! So I decided to spend the day as though it were that bonus day that I wouldn't have been allowed to enjoyed had I not quit.

You know what? It probably wasn't that much different from any other day except for the fact I relished every minute of it and felt exceptionally alive and grateful all day long. It might have been one of the happiest days of my life.

Enjoying 3 weeks of freedom from the tyranny of cigarettes.

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04 Apr 2004, 12:01 #19

Thank you, Joel. I needed to hear that. I had a rough day and your message made me realize that every day I don't have nicotine is a gift I give myself.

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Yes, I made it through another day Image. What a Image Image day for me. When I wake up I will look forward to another Image Image day. Thanks.
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