For members not celebrating an important milestone today...

For members not celebrating an important milestone today...

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04 Mar 2003, 08:17 #1

Nobody should be reading this. All of our members are celebrating an important milestone today--they have gotten through today smoke free! Everyday you are off smoking is important and every day is a victory. Congratulations everyone who is off another day. To really make your effort count, remember tomorrow to reaffirm your new goal to make it through the day. Do that day by day and you will shatter one record after another by always keeping your quit alive and well, and you along with it, by sticking to your commitment to never take another puff!


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Nice. Image

qwerty (green)
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HA! Good one, Joel. Image I fell for it, hook line and sinker. Very clever, and thanks for the reminder!

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Madge Gold
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Image You got me on this one, too, Joel. It feels good to know that someone appreciates what every day, hour, minute nicoten free means. It's impossible to explain to a never-smoker what it's like to quit. I have heard "Just stop" so often I could scream. Thanks for this site where we can go and be HEARD and LEARN.

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Here Madge, read the thread Quitting can be a very lonely experience. I think you will appreciate it.
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I really liked this posting. It's true and important to remember. thanks Image


GrumpyOMrsS (Gold)
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It makes no difference whether you are on your first day of a quit or your 1266th, like me. Every day is a day to be proud of and to to celebrate!!

This is something we should never take for granted.

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Hi joel
I fell into this post like a fly into the spiders web,i was thinking its a long time to silver and now i know everyday is a celebration.
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I fell for it to then i picked myself up brushed myself off and realized that Joel is soooo right.Thanks Joel

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sharonah silver
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Thank you, Joel, for this reminder, and for putting all of our quits into perspective. I often forget that EVERDAY of my quit is a milestone for me. As is EVERYDAY of EVERYONE's quits. Image

Thanks again, Joel.


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