For all of our One Year Quitters

Tash (Gold )
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05 Jan 2002, 23:43 #11

Thanks for the reminder Joel... it is very true, we can never let our guard down. I will never take another puff, I know what would happen, and there's no way I want to go back to that lifestyle. As Marty was saying, we have so much knowledge now from all of our readings here at Freedom, we will not go back!

Never Take Another Puff!!! NEVER!

Image Tash

One Year, One Day. Image

amcanuck ( GOLD )
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02 Feb 2002, 07:56 #12

Once again, I show up and Joel has perfectly pegged what I need to hear. Such a wonder you are .......amcanuck

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03 Mar 2002, 20:41 #13

I see we had a few people hit the one year milestone last week. Just thought I'd bring this up to add perspective. One year is great--one year and a day is even better! Stay focused on today for today is always going to be the most important day of your quit, not matter if it is your first day, 30th day, 90th day, 365th day or thousandth day. For no matter how long a quit has lasted, each day it is essential that you make it through that day to stay smoke free. I have known many people who had years and even decades under their belts smoke free, let their guard down once, and now have years and decades of smoking under their belts again. Those years that were smoke free are now distant memories and are viewed as really quite meaningless to them now. One puff can take years of hard work and thousands of victories and negate the whole effort. Don't waste this effort, for losing the quit is paramount to losing your Freedom, your health and over time, likely losing your life. To keep all of the perks and benefits that go along with being smoke free requires always remembering that no matter how long you are off--to stay off still requires remembering to never take another puff!


childofnite GOLD.ffn
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26 Jul 2002, 00:22 #14

Hey Joel! Is it a coincidence that you bumped this thread today?? Image I, as well as Redstar (Diane) Have turned Gold TODAY! And yes, it is the most wonderful feeling!

For more info, here are our celebratory threads: I'm back, and more colourful than ever... ;) and Golden anniversary!

Love you all!

Gold Club!

John (Gold)
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21 Aug 2002, 08:30 #15

To have come full circle, sampled the seasons, visited the reasons and have Image that honest inner glow of knowing that it's far easier being on this side, than it ever was over there. To look upon a struggling new arrival and wonder what words you could possibly select to convey the essence of what awaits them. To wonder if it's really necessary to keep your quit counter on your desktop as from here on out things are measured in years. To hope that all who follow can someday soon join us in comfort's silent bliss. You've done it all - the chemical, the days, the psychological, the weeks, all the birthdays, twelve months, the holidays, anniversaries and four victorious seasons. This is us. This is the stuff of dreams. May it always be ours! Breathe deep, hug hard, live long Freedom! NTAP! John : )

mitch (Gold)
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10 Nov 2002, 01:03 #16

Yo Joel... Mitch here.

Aye Aye Capn' Your words come through loud and clear. After a year and a half, sometimes when I smell smoke... boy does it smell good... ummmmmmm... I realize I'm still an addict capable of relapse.

Really appreciate you Joel. Thanks for bringing this up and thanks for your ruthless compassion.

Yer quit bro.. Mitch

wcsdancer (Gold)
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10 Nov 2002, 01:25 #17

Joel, just as I was kicking back enjoying my One Year of Freedom I had a wake up call. I visited one of my customers this week and while I was there she asked her son for a cigarettes. I said "I didn't know you smoked". She said "well I had quit 20 years ago and this old friend came to visit me and we had some giggles sharing a couple smokes. Ya know, I can't seem to stop buying them now...". That was a 20 YEAR QUIT THAT SHE LOST!!!! It's never, ever, ever, ever, OK to take another puff for us addicts. Did I stress NEVER!!!

*Candy* at one year but just a puff away from full blown active addiction (not gonna happen though)

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30 May 2003, 22:51 #18

I have always thought that what I have going here is a temporary reprieve form my addiction, based on my mental state and my education here at Freedom.
If I remember this everyday it keeps me from getting complaceant.
One year, three weeks, five days, 4 hours, 36 minutes and 43 seconds. 31295 cigarettes not smoked, saving $4,678.65. Life saved: 15 weeks, 3 days, 15 hours, 55 minutes.

MareBear GOLD
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30 May 2003, 22:56 #19

"Turning gold doesn't signify the end of the's just a nice stop along the way, sort of a 'scenic lookout' on the road of life."

kito40 Gold
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30 May 2003, 23:17 #20

After 1 year and 2 months, I was having major smoking craves. This was last week which was 1 week before a Benefit Dance my friends were having for me. I was really nervous about how it would turn out, would enough people come, what would I say...............etc.

I said to my husband "I can't believe how much I'm feeling like having a smoke." I made it through all the holidays, seasons etc but I know this was a situation I had not come across in my quit and it was causing major triggers.

As it turns out the Benefit was a huge sucess and I did not take that puff! I knew I wouldn't anyways.

It goes to prove that once an addict always an addict and you can never let your guard down. One puff and its all over, I know because I've been there done that.