False Associations

Subconscious use cue extinguishment
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Don't kid yourself - or anyone else - we are dealing with addiction cessation. None of us were ever successful by attempting to modify our behavior by 'breaking that nasty habit'. Another of the pack of lies we've been told and sold for so long.
Why is that?
Cause what we are dealing with,
what we are afflicted with
is not anything resembling a simple habit.

As Joel so famously puts it -

"I always state it this way. Treat an addiction as an addiction and a person will learn to control it. Treat an addiction like a bad habit and the person won't have a prayer."


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Image Thanks JoeJ ! I am humbled by Joel's statement, at the same time, I have great respect for it. NTAP! Katie

"Cause what we are dealing with,
what we are afflicted with
is not anything resembling a simple habit."

Katie - After 40 Years! Free and Healing for Two Years, Nine Months, Twenty Four Days, 2 Hours and 32 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 60 Days and 16 Hours, by avoiding the use of 17478 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $3,647.50.

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Another good link to leave here.
Why Do People Smoke?
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False Associations........

I can't drink coffee or a beer or tea or a mixed drink or a soda pop....etc without wanting to smoke a cigarette! Why? Can never or non-smokers drink these liquids without triggering a thought to smoke some tobacco? Sure they can. If they can we ex-smokers can too. We can do anything we want to do without need of want of ingesting nicotine.

Break free from past false associations, justifications, rationalizations and let the truth set you free. You do not need nicotine for any reason. LIVE your life - clean of nicotine and free as you were alwyas meant to be!

Joe J 1299 days in control cause nicotine no longer in me.

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Thanks for what you wrote.  You gave me hope that someday I won't miss cigarettes.  I'm still one day, often just ten-minutes at a time.  I hope that someday I actually go a whole day, half-day, without thinking of cigarettes!  When that does happen, I hope I remember that I've just accomplished that feat and I hope I celebrate!  Lots of hopes I guess!

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Another False Association mentioned in an earlier reply - we used nicotine as a reward or to mark completion of a task.


Did we use nicotine as a 'Reward'?