False Associations

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Thanks JoeJ!
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Here's a False Association: nicotine is a well-deserved "reward" for just about anything. In fact, it's such a wonderful "reward" that it allows anyone to use that as an excuse. "I deserve it"... "it's my only vice"... "I worked hard today"... "I put up with so much stress I should be allowed to reward myself"... "my husband/wife/son/daughter/neighbor/ex-roommate made me so angry I should be able to light up"...

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That's what was getting me this weekend, "The Big Reward!"
The idea after I finished some job around the house- mowing the grass etc. I deserved to take a break and indulge in a "relaxing smoke". I really am taking it one day at a time.
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I agree with that "big reward" push by the media. For 40 years I have used that illogical thinking to "give" myself a break after finishing any little job, task or obligation. And the really ridiculous part is I bought into the entire belief system. OH gosh, I just really need this little break. Little did I realize that I did NEED not the little reward or break but the evil nicotene. Yikes! What a fool. So here I am, 16 days in and still fighting that urge to run outside and take a "little break" (with a cig) because I've been hard at it here at work. I may as well run outside and play chicken with the cars passing in front of the building. At least then I could really see the damage caused if I got hit! That's another little creepy thing about smoking. I've been very fortunate in that I've never really had any physical side effects that were visible and everyone thinks I'm in great shape. The scary part is now I know after all my reading here that my insides are a mess (HEALING of course but still a mess) but you'd never know it. Just more of the insiduous devastation that nicotene causes. Just more reason to stay committed to this quit and NTAP. Thanks to everyone for sharing all your insights and experiences. It helps keep me on the straight and narrow. Danneo

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Joe, in Message 6 you asked:

What False Associations did you carry around to help preserve your justification for addiction?

Minus the tag line here, the Marlboro Man commercials of the past had an everlasting effect on me. I always associated outdoor activities with smoking and how much better these activities were if you smoked while doing them. How's that for backwards (I am an outdoors person) and yet I absolutely believed it was true for a very long time!!
Thanks for continuing to remind us:
The truth about tobacco use a.k.a smoking?

There are no 'Smokers' or 'Chewers' there are only ADDICTS!

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The first step in recovery is Admitting and Accepting our addiction. You and I did not smoke out of 'habit' for many (some of us over 40) years.
We didn't throw away - were robbed of - tens of thousands of dollars because we felt like it.
We smoked tobacco because we needed to ingest nicotine regularly to sustain our physical & mental addiction to nicotine.
There are many False Associations to break. An important one is getting rid of the stinking thinking were were duped into believing that cigarette smoking is a habit.

As Joel so famously puts it -

"I always state it this way. Treat an addiction as an addiction and a person will learn to control it. Treat an addiction like a bad habit and the person won't have a prayer."

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Inhaling the fumes of tobacco smoke &/or sucking in its juices killed or contributed heavily to the unfortunate and untimely DEATHS of nearly all my close relatives in a variety of horrible ways.
Emphysema, lung cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, stroke, heart attack, cranial aneuyrsm, congestive heart failure coupled with COPD, ...... etc.
That does not even take into account the years lived in less than optimal health due to continued use of tobacco to maintain their addiction to nicotine.
So I ask you, what part of 'the image' was glamourous enough for any of us to deny the truth and continue killing ourselves for a 'cool' persona?

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Nearly all of the justifications active smokers / tobacco users use to continue their "habit" are based on False Associations. Our reactive thought processes have been programmed with False information and we've formed Associations based on those untruths.

Smoking a cigarette makes me calmer before a big interview!
- It also makes you stink like a smoker and may cause you to be disqualified before you ever answer the first question! Besides, after an hour or two of intense stress the active addicts will be in desperate nicotine depletion withdrawal anxiety and unable to concentrate on the issue at hand. The non or ex-smoker however will not be feeling extra anxious due to withdrawal effects and can keep their mind on the interviewers questions - not the door.

Smoking helps me 'Kill' time.
- Smoking tobacco every 60 minutes to keep nicotine levels at optimum - that's really 'killing time'.

Only one reason smokers inhale tobacco smoke - ingest nicotine to feed their addiction.

Only one way to stay free - NTAP!

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I really like this thread, JoeJ. Thank you for keeping it up.

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