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Hello OBob:
I am glad you are going to get checked out by your doctor. As far as getting further advice online of what to do, I wouldn't put a lot of stock in getting any real differential diagnosis. At Freedom we have a strict policy of getting or giving medical advice. We only speak in general terms. The reason I brought up the issues on medication adjustments, thyroid issues, blood sugar issues, dietary patterns and caffeine issues are because these are factors that do affect some people. If symptoms are going on beyond the first few days, other factors should be considered and checked out as the possible cause. It is just prudent to find out if there is another underlying cause. But no one can determine online if one of these situations are a factor for any specific individual. Again, that is where the best advice that anyone should be giving you now is to get checked out by your doctor. I am attaching the link to our medical advice policy here at Freedom. It shows how we really are serious about this issue, for everyone's protection.
Again, the best advice we can give you is to work with a physician to deal with an existing medical issues, and know that the best thing you can do yourself to minimize your risk of ever developing future medical conditions is to know to never take another puff!
Medical Advice
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cheers GrumpyOmrs i,ve just had a few cups of tea and caffeine has bothered me for years because i am aware of the stimulation.I was brought up from the age of 3 drinking tea and nearly 40 years later i,m wondering if now that life is less stressful without nicotine stimulation,what would it be like without caffeine stimulation.
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A lot of us smoked nicotine instead of eating.
Some of us never ate well to begin with.
Many of us have a lot to learn about giving our bodies what is needed and in a healthy and timely way.
Our bodies are adjusting to the lack of poisonsImage, and we can help ourselves by learning to eat well and wisely.
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I think this article is one of those articles that is central to a successful quit. The sugar level fluctuations is a major source of distress to quitters and if they are not aware that it isn't the nicotine withdrawal but their eating habits they will often relapse either from the stress of the highs and lows in the first few days or the binging and craves that they go through in the later days/weeks of a quit. I know becuase this is what happened to me many times.

Again, thank goodness for Joel and for this site!

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Thanks for popping this up, alysser! Excellent reading and now for me to put it into practice. I don't need to worry so much about weight but nutrition is a big thing for me.

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Wow, this is just what I am looking for! I was already overweight by 70 lbs. and am so ready to lose the excess weight now that I have become a non-smoker! I've gained 10 lbs. since I quit on April 1st, 2008 by eating every time I wanted to smoke, but that has passed. I am so uncomfortable by just gaining 10 more pounds to my already fat bod that food isn't as appealing to me as it was when I first quit smoking. I'm ready to start exercising too, I'll start with walking the dog around the block every day and increase the time gradually. This is such a great article as I was looking for exactly what I could eat and what vitamins I need to get going in the right direction with my weight and health.

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That's excellent! This is exactly what I needed. I started smoking at 19 because I wanted to "control" my weight levels. Since I quit, I've started overeating and I've been looking for a way to control my incontrolable "hunger" (there was no way to opt for smoking again Image).
And this post solves all the mystery and answers all my queries.
Again, it's our choice to feed our bodies wisely with quality foods as it was our choice to stop inhaling nicotine + 4.000 chemicals!

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