Does it sometimes look like a lot of our members seem to be having a bad day?

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15 Jan 2006, 03:16 #11

Thanks Joel just what I needed today.

Was getting a bit annoyed that I'm thinking of smoking so much. A sign of my weakness, I thought. Maybe so, but eventually I will stop thinking about smoking - just so long as I never take another puff.

You do have a way of spelling it out so very clearly Joel. Thanks.


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15 Jan 2006, 04:20 #12

Here is another short post that highlights this issue:

From the string Acknowledge the negative--but dwell on the positive
Acknowledge the negative--but dwell on the positive

From: Joel. (Original Message)
Sent: 4/7/2002 10:08 AM
It's amazing how many people do the exact opposite of this when it comes to life in general and smoking cessation in particular. If you dwell on the positive side of not smoking you will stay forever resolute to never take another puff!


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Katie - After 40 Years! Free and Healing for One Year, Three Months, Eleven Days, 12 Hours and 51 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 27 Days and 14 Hours, by avoiding the use of 7948 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $1,620.56.

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11 Nov 2006, 04:33 #14

Sorry, I'm one who has been posting to my diary about what a hard time I'm having. I didn't realize that I wasn't supposed to post any negative thoughts or feelings. I'll only post "positive" thoughts on this site.

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11 Nov 2006, 07:06 #15

From the string Do members of our board seem to be too happy? (That is another good one to read addressing this issue.) I want to make it clear that it is not that we are trying to stop people from writing when they are experiencing bad times and thus having negative posts. It is the act bringing up the thread over and over thoughout the day or worse yet, resurrecting old negative posts at a time when they are no longer current or relevant. These actions are giving the thread and inordinate amount of play. This can make the quitting experience seem overall tougher at times to all readers than it may actually be for the person who wrote the string that is getting all of the attention.

Does quitting have the potential of causing some discomfort and can the adjustments to life without smoking cause some difficult times? Sure it can. But when contrasted to the pain, agony and disruption that smoking can cause, the effects experienced from quitting are minor in comparison. Smoking will cost you a fortune and can cause pain, agony, suffering AND death. To some degree it does the first three effects to most smokers at one time or another, and as far as the last effect-killing the individual, it ends up doing this to one out of every two smokers. To avoid the pain, agony and total loss of everything that can be caused by smoking always stay resolute in your resolve to never take another puff!


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11 Nov 2006, 07:22 #16

Understanding that we don't want to bring bad posts up when they are no longer relevant.....this is to clarify; should we not post bad days (negative posts) in our journal and post them under a new topic heading? Wouldn't that be multiple same day postings? I'm not asking this to ensue an argument, but for clarification. My understanding is that our journals are for our daily/weekly updates, good and bad. If the "bad" posts should be listed seperatly, their may need to be some clear wording about this on How to Post.

Thank you.

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11 Nov 2006, 07:31 #17

Hi Waylon,

If a member is in crisis and needs immediate attention and help then it is appropriate to post in a new thread. Otherwise, posting should be done in your journal and members can reply there.

Never take another puff.


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From Joel's original post:
"It is crucial that all persons reading here understand that throughout their lives they are going to have bad days. This is not because they are ex-smokers; it is because they are human beings. Our moods will be affected by our environments, whether is be weather problems, family stressors, problems at work, shifts in the economy, world issues that affect the peace and stability of nations, or a host of other problems that plague mankind. Life continues to happen after people quit smoking and it is imperative to recognize that most of the same problems would have occurred even if they hadn't quit smoking and would also have occurred if they had never started smoking. "

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21 Nov 2008, 07:56 #19

Being that today is the Great American Smoke Out I suspect we have more readers at Freedom than usual. I know I have more emails than usual from people first quitting smoking or first contemplating quitting.

At the same time that we have more new readers than normal, we also seem to have more negative posts up at the top of the board than normal. That is unfortunate.

I am going to pop up a number of posts for the benefit of new readers here at Freedom, highlighting that while quitting smoking may cause some bad moments, not quitting can cause a whole lot more bad moments, bad days, bad weeks and bad years.

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It's not often that I have to bring this one up but it seems as if today is one of those times.