Do members of our board seem to be too happy?

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Does quitting have the potential of causing some discomfort and can the adjustments to life without smoking cause some difficult times? Sure it can. But when contrasted to the pain, agony and disruption that smoking can cause, the effects experienced from quitting are minor in comparison. Smoking will cost you a fortune and can cause pain, agony, suffering AND death. To some degree it does the first three effects to most smokers at one time or another, and as far as the last effect-killing the individual, it ends up doing this to one out of every two smokers. To avoid the pain, agony and total loss of everything that can be caused by smoking always stay resolute in your resolve to never take another puff!


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This really is a super post. I'm new but today I really felt my quit meant more than just 'no dieing!' this is a smoke free life and that's living. I smoked for a long time when I did not want to smoke any longer, but it had me. To be free from that torture, IF one has experienced it, could produce nothing short of joy, and maybe even elation.

My name is Todd, and I am a nicotine addict.
I have stopped nicotine for 9 days, 1 hour, 38 minutes and 25 seconds (9 days).
I've not smoked 181 death sticks, and saved $36.29.
I've saved 15 hours and 6 minutes of my life.

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Thats right its a parodox. I am unhappy to not be smoking for 7months and 3 days now. But, this way of thinking is not at all a surprise if you knew me. Too Cheery. This doesn't bother me. I love people that are happy. I am happy in general. I am not happy however to be going through what smoking has done to my body. No I am healthy now. But, living with the prospect that any abnormal cough could mean the beginning of the end. I look back and ask was it really worth all this anxiety? Sure I wish I could smoke. What x-smoker doesn't ? But, I do know better and thats why I will never take another puff...My name is Steve 46 years young.

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First of all - CONGRATULATIONS on rolling up 7 Months of freedom from nicotine.  Welcome to the Silver Club!

"Sure I wish I could smoke. What x-smoker doesn't ?"

This is an ex-smoker who doesn't wish I could smoke.  Not now, not the day before I quit for good.  Didn't want to smoke when I was still tied down by my addiction dependency.  I spent decades wishing I didn't.  Wishing never made it go away.

Be glad you are free.  Live today to it's fullest.  If something good happens we shold enjoy it.  If somethaing bad happens we must deal with it.

Tomorrow is gone, can't change it so let it go.
Tomorrow is yet to be.  Gonna have to wait and see what is in store for you and me.
Today is a present, enjoy it the best you can.

"No thank you, I can't have a cigarette"
Becoming an ex-smoker

[*]Month Six - The pros and cons [*]Month Six - New perspectives Joe J Free - GOLD - Free and Healing for Six Years, Six Months, Twenty Four Days, 6 Hours and 48 Minutes, while recapturing 449 Days and 7 Hours of my  life's time.  Not needed wanted or missed 64700 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $21,453.25.

Don't give up!


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I know it was ages ago, but really, did someone think we are all cheery? Too cheery? Come on now. First, this is a pretty honest place, and if people say they're happy, they probably are. Certainly I had times of total elation that I am getting free. Like the first bike ride I had where I didn't cough my guts out -- I was pretty cheery that day. Or the day I didn't even think about cigarettes or smoking till about supper time, and then only because I smelled smoke from my neighbor's place (and heard him cough). I was pretty cheery that day too. But the "too cheery" person needed to take a closer look. Not every post is cheery, for goodness sake! I have a few posts on my own journal, which incidentally is only two months old, where I am not quite so cheery. I also happened to come across Lickettysplit's journal. Who, I believe, erased all the early posts in a fit of anger. I almost did that myself a couple of times

Are we too cheery? Maybe. Maybe because our lives have so dramatically improved; maybe because even early on into nicotine cessation, many of us realized we didn't want to 'punish' others for the mistake of beginning to use nicotine that we made years ago. Or maybe, just maybe, we're cheery because we walked out of the thick fog of the misery and we saw the light. And we saw that it was good.

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Maybe people reading my posts think I'm too cheery or something.  But I think what they don't know is that I was beating myself up continuously every day while I was smoking; and that they probably are doing the same thing to themselves if they still smoke.

What do I mean by beating myself up?  Let's just say I knew I was committing a harmful act upon my body with each puff, and I hated it every time I lit up a cigarette; I'd think "This is really messing up my health" or "I can probably smoke another year or so before I pass the point of no return" or "I'm too young to really get ill" or "I'll stop tomorrow" or "I know this is bad so I'll only do this another month", or the worst: "I'm such an idiot"... and on and on.  So when I found this site and became educated, and stopped smoking, I wasn't doing anything bad to myself any longer and no longer have to worry about this.

By quitting smoking I know I've done something major that basically guarantees I'll to live a long and healthy life!  And I'm no longer trying to destroy my body!  So of course I'm more cheerful! 

Jennifer ***DAY 25***

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