September 12th, 2006, 2:21 am #26

It's rare ... but I truly think it happened to me.

I have asthma, and towards the end of last month, I'd started having a heavy feeling in my chest. I was wheezing. I kept thinking "I need to quit," but then I'd just smoke less--instead of stopping completely.

I have always written in a journal. So one night, I was just doodling and all of a sudden my hand felt like it had taken on a mind of its own. I drew a sad face, the words "smoking cigs" and then a cross. I also drew three arrows. Sounds like a jumble of unconnected things, but on the page ... it literally looked like a message from ... above.

My brain was filled with the thoughts of "never again." My chest was pounding. I could hardly breathe, and it was all I could say over and over ... "never again, never again, never again."

That was the day I found

I didn't exactly listen to the intervention at that moment ... but it's been 4 days now. I've got a mean headache, and it's been a bit hard to concentrate ... but I will not take a puff today.

Freedom is the one site that makes me feel and think about my addiction this way. If that's not divine intervention ... I don't know what is.